Countries with most beautiful women

countries with most beatiful women
countries with most beatiful women

Countries with most beautiful women | Today we try to answer a male tourist’s most asked question: Where to travel to meet the most beautiful women around the world? Where can I expect the highest density of beautiful faces, well-maintained bodies, and smiles to die for?

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, there must be a way to beat this lame argument with some equally lame ‘research’. In the past 15 years, we did travel to 33 countries. These are our findings about beautiful women:

Central regions beat the periphery. Look at countries that experienced large scale trading activities, migrations and high ethnic diversity. Thailand or India, the United States or Middle Europe. Now compare these women with their counterparts in remote regions such as the Australian Outback, Mongolia, Namibia or Greenland. Draw your own conclusion.

Mixed race offspring usually got more swag then ‘pure breed’. Because breeding between the lines brings significant genetic and physical advantages. You need some proof? In his book “Breeding between the lines”, Alon Ziv combines sex, race, health and genetics in a daring new theory ->

Breeding Between The Lines: Why Interracial People are Healthier and More Attractive – by Alon Ziv

Somehow it all leads to Puerto Rico. Since its inception of the Miss Universe circus in 1952, the United States did secure 8 titles. That’s the most. Runner-up: Venezuela with 7 titleholders. What’s interesting is the fact that Venezuela only counts 30 million people = 15 million women. But it gets even better. At #3 ranks Puerto Rico with 5 titles. This tiny Caribbean island counts 3.2 million people = 1.6 million women. They grabbed 5 titles so far. Respect!

Russian and Ukrainian women are more beautiful because there was a shortage of men after World War II. Only the most beautiful women found a husband and gave birth to offspring.

Not too light, not too dark. In general, an even mixture of Afrocentric and Eurocentric features (shape of the nose, lips, etc.) combined with a skin tone that is not too light and not too dark is more attractive.

Countries with most beautiful women

Here is our list of the top 10 countries with most beautiful women in the world. Forgive us if we did go by physical attributes only. All the precious stuff that comes from within a woman’s soul: we skipped that.

Top 10 countries with most beautiful women

#1: Venezuela

Countries with most beautiful women Venezuela María Gabriela Isler Miss Universe 2012 Stefania Fernandez Miss Universe 2009 Dayana Mendoza Miss Universe 2008
From left to right: María Gabriela Isler – Miss Universe 2012. Photo credit: Francisco Javier Touceiro Rodríguez (CC BY-SA 2.0). Dayana Mendoza – Miss Universe 2008. Photo credit: Jorge Mejía Peralta (CC BY 2.0). Stefania Fernandez – Miss Universe 2009. Photo credit: Earth Infrastructure (CC BY 2.0).

First on our itinerary is Venezuela. Apart from crude oil, beauty queens are the country’s most popular export. But why are Venezuelan girls so beautiful? Was it the splash of European gens ingested 500 years ago that sparked this blossoming? Women in this part of the earth are exciting, temperamental, fiery and full with passion. They eat healthy, and because of poverty they need to fight hard and smart to catch a decent man. And as the nation plummets into economic ruin, even more young women are competing for Miss Venezuela. All this taken into consideration might explain the high level of beauty among women. But who knows for sure? We don’t.

#2: Puerto Rico

Countries with most beautiful women Puerto Rico
Jennifer Lopez and Naya Rivera – born in Puerto Rico. Credit: Pinterest.

The truth about Puerto Rican women is: they are very sensual, and the peaceful island they live on allows them to dress really good without fear. Puerto Rican ladies developed in provocative beauties that like to attract attention. They are beautiful in all sizes.

#3: Russia/Ukraine

Drop dead gorgeous Russian Woman
A country with many beautiful women: Russia. Source: Quora

Earlier we mentioned some kind of World War II theory that pushed beauty to an other level in Russia and Ukraine. This was the only ‘scientific’ reason we came accross. But ok, we keep digging for anything else profound enough to explain the beauty secret of these Eastern European goddesses.

#4: United States

Hillary Duff and Megan Fox are American beauties. Source: Pinterest
Hillary Duff and Megan Fox are American beauties. Source: Pinterest

400 years of human migration from all over the world set the stage for many many beautiful women in the United States. If they would only keep their hands off all that artificial junkfood! Nowadays, many young U.S. American women are as fat as a guineafowl puffer due to a lack of parental guidance when it comes to food.

#5: Scandinavia

Countries with most beautiful women Scandinavia
‘Prototype’ of a Scandinavian woman. We think this must be the template they use up there in Northern Europe to produce stunning beauties.

It would not be fair to give the no. 5 spot just to Sweden. Sweden is the biggest of all five Scandinavian nations. Women in neighboring Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland are equally sexy.

#6: France

france most beautiful ladies
Some of France’s finest looking women: Aïssa Maïga, Brigit Bardot, Audrey Tautou. Source: Pinterest

The French beauty industry is most likely the best in the world. This surely helps madame to stay in great shape. In addition, a centuries long constant flow of migrants from Africa helped improving the landscape of female beauty.

#7: Brazil

Miss Brazil Country with most beautiful women
Left side: Miss Brazil 2004 Carina Bedushi (Source: Pinterest). Middle: Miss Universe 2014 Raissa Santana (Credit: Albert Alcain – wikipedia cc). Right: Miss Brazil 2010 Débora Lyra (Credit: Macho Carioca – wikipedia cc)

Brazilian wax, carnival, football, yoga, lots of bananas and beans … we have no clue what exactly gives Brazilian women the edge. Our analytical capabilities are very limited. Fact is: year after year, Brazilian women continue to top most ‘Sexiest Women’ polls across the internet. Men love them and women want to look like them too. Go for a walk in Rio’s Copa Cabana neighborhood. Sexy ladies everywhere with their gorgeous bodies.

#8: Japan

From left to right: Sasaki Nozomi, Maria Ozawa, Reon Kadena. Japanese women with some swag. Source: Pinterest, Quora.

Japanese beauties are beautiful as long as they don’t move. Once they start walking, things become a little weird. Any westerner spending some time in Japan, may agree that many Japanese women practice a funny ‘pigeon-toed’ way of walking. Their toes are pointed inward. Reason: they think it looks cute. Well, we think it doesn’t.

#9: South Korea

Korea indeed got truly beautiful women. Apart from two unknown beauties the most right pic shows Ji Eun Han (Miss Korea 2013). Sources: Pinterest, Twitter and

South Korea | Rising wealth, a very good diet and achievable plastic surgeries catapulted South Korea’s women onto the big stage. Hard to tell, which parts of their body are still authentic and which parts were modified thru perfect plastic surgery. We got that covered over here -> medical-tourism

#10: Thailand

Three of Thailand’s most beautiful women: ‘French Fries’ (left) was Miss Thailand in 2015, Nonthawan Maeya Thongleng was Miss Thailand in 2014 and Maria Poonlertrlarp (right) was Miss Universe Thailand in 2017. Sources: Pinterest.

Last stop in our list of countries with most beautiful women is Thailand. The south-east Asian nation is a major tourist magnet for young male travelers. Thailand’s ladies are blessed with a beautifully tanned skin and a Eurasian heritage. Pair this with a lot of ongoing migration from neighboring India, China, Cambodia, Malaysia. Add a dash of interracial marriages with Caucasian men. You end up with high beauty standards.

Countries with most beautiful women. By Chili and Chirp | Hugging Horizons since 2004. Visit our related article about our Top 10 countries with the most beautiful people.