Disappointing Travel Destinations

disappointing travel destinations bali
disappointing travel destinations bali

Disappointing Travel Destinations | You dream about traveling to the Pyramids of Giza, to L.A., Bali, Petra. But your budget is tight and there would be equally tempting options such as Amsterdam, Paris, Cebu. And guess what. Instead of choosing Paris you booked a trip to the Pyramids. Once arrived you only stayed at the pyramids for 15 minutes and it was a horrible experience. To avoid such unpleasant pitfalls, here are the most disappointing travel destinations on planet earth that you should avoid.

Countries to Avoid

… in Africa
… in Latin America
… in Asia

Disappointing Travel Destinations

Casablanca (Morocco)
Male (Maldives)
Giza (Egypt)
Four Corners Monument (U.S.)
Sakura Bloom (Japan)
Napoli (Italy)
Petra (Jordan)
Los Angeles (U.S.)

Overcrowded, Forgotten, Dangerous

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