Dog Restaurant Chelsea

chelsea dog restaurant
Crazy but true: Chelsea got a dog restaurant.

Dog Restaurant in Chelsea | London – one of the world’s busiest tourist destinations – just added another extremely crazy type of attraction: a gourmet tasting DOG restaurant. The test dog run started on April 27. Until May 1, dog lovers with some spare cash to spend can book a 3-course brunch including dog-friendly beer for their pampered puppies. Offering such Michelin-star menu to dogs was the idea of “Bluebird” – a restaurant in Chelsea, and the Pet Pavilion – hosting this pop-up brunch. The lucky dogs will get an appetizer of venison sausage and beefy brown rice in a beef broth, followed by an entree of chicken and lamb loaf, topped off with a dessert of sweet potato and peanut butter macaroons with a gelato filling.

location: 350 King’s Road, London SW3 5UU
fon: 020 7559 1000

If this is not crazy enough for you, what about visiting Tokyo’s magical new hedgehog café? It just opened last month :)

Dog Restaurant in Chelsea

Dog Restaurant in Chelsea
Crazy: dog restaurant in Chelsea, London


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