Dogfestival Nepal

dogfestival nepal
Dogfestival Nepal

Dogfestival Nepal | It’s quite unique! As part of Nepals annual 5-day long Tihar Festival (Deepawali), dogs rule on day two. It’s Dog’s day in Gorkha culture and Nepalize tradition. This second day of this ancient festival is devoted solely to the celebration of man’s best friend: the dog. This second day of Deepawali is called Kukur Tihar or Khichā Pujā (english: worship of the dogs). Dogs are believed to be messengers of the Lord Yamaraj (God of Death). Therefore they need to be worshiped once a year. Nepalese people will offer garlands, tika and of course plenty of delicious food to their dogs, acknowledging a cherished relationship between humans and dogs. Dogs rule. End of story.

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Dogfestival Nepal, Day 2
Dogfestival Nepal 3
Dogfestival Nepal
Dogfestival Nepal 2
Dogfestival Nepal

Tihar (तिहार) – also called Swanti (स्वन्ति), or Deepawali (दीपावली) – is a Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal. It is similar to Deepawali in India but with regional variations. In Nepal, Tihar occurs in either October or November each year.

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Dogs rule? I rule, too!

Where to experience the Dogfestival in Nepal?

Thamel might not be the best place in Kathmandu. But the old city between Durbar Square and Thamel has lots of people with family pets. It’s a good place to start. Try Durbar Square. Also in Pokhara head to the lakeside or the back of the lakeside we found many family dogs. Generally speaking, wherever there is a dog in a city in Nepal, there will be a dogfestival. One can buy dog sized garlands from vendors. But be aware: Dogs in Nepal are not as disciplined as you might know it from your home turf. You better approach the owner of a well groomed dog and ask permission before approaching the dog.

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