The Downside of Traveling alone when you are young

Downside Traveling alone young
Downside Traveling alone young

The Downside of Traveling alone when you are young | This post is about the realities of travel no-one wants to talk about. Those of you traveling young and alone with the experience of waiting in an hour-long queue at the Louvre in Paris or at Universal Studios in Singapore, know better. You end up on a wrong bus, asking for help in a country where everybody speaks Kiswahili. Your wallet gets stolen, you feel homesick. You fail to enjoy tourist hotspots because of being overrun by other tourists -> Greetings from Rialto Bridge …

Ireland mount-croagh-patrick-overcrowded
Ireland: An overcrowded Mount Croagh Patrick. This was not what you expected to get.

There are quite a few disappointments waiting for you each time you pack your bag: forgetting things, losing things, sore legs from walking, exhaustion, and last not least the question “Why am I doing this?” At this point of your journey you will spend an entire day in Amsterdam watching Netflix and resting. And later you will feel ashamed to tell anybody about it. Or if you are lucky the internet is not working in your overpriced Airbnb apartment. Means: no need to post any happy selfie in front of a monument.

The Downside of Traveling when you are young and alone
Downside traveling alone young

As for the days that you feel guilty not having done anything “touristy”: resting was your way to make the most of your trip, because you needed to be restored and energized to tackle the day after. As a result of all these disappointments you discovered that there was no right or wrong way. There are always thousands of ways but you can only choose one. You did choose one and went ahead. Looking back you might be thankful you did. Because it helped you growing. Still, travelling with the right soulmate is an alternative worth taking into consideration :)

Instead of traveling alone: travel with your soulmate:)
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