Getting there is not easy: Easter Island

easter island chile
Easter Island, Chile

Getting there is not easy: Easter Island | Today we start another mini series of eight blog posts, introducing you to remote places that are worth it. #1: Easter Island, Chile. Easter Island is incredibly remote. The nearest continental point to Easter Island lies in central Chile: 3,512 kilometers away.

Easter Island not so easy to get there
Getting there is not easy: Easter Island. The photo shows all fifteen standing Moai statues at Ahu Tongariki, excavated and restored in the 1990s. Photo taken by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen.

Why it’s worth going there? Because of 887 funny looking statues. They are by far the biggest tourist attraction here: giant Moai monoliths. They’ve been calling to travelers for centuries. But the iconic statues are only the beginning. Here, you can camp under the Polynesian stars, meet and interact with the inhabitants of the world’s remotest populated island, and explore its natural treasures on foot or by bike.

Easter Island has not initally been occupied by Chilenean people, but Polynesians. Chile just annexed it in 1888. The first Polynesians came over in 700 AD. In the 16th century approx. 15,000 people lived here. But this was too much for tiny Easter Island. Together with the introduction of Polynesian rats, overpopulation led to complete deforestation and extinction of natural resources. The population shrank down to just 111 inhabitants in 1877. Today 6,000 people call Easter Island their home.

How to get there: Somehow you will have to make it to Santiago de Chile. That’s your only option. From there national flights will take you to Easter Island (6 hours).

Easter Island erotic dance
Easter Island exotic dance – the usual crap to please average tourists.
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