Erotic Things to do in Paris

Paris erotic within limits
Paris – erotic within limits.

Erotic things to do in Paris | Famous for being the world’s #1 city of romance, Paris for sure has a naughty side to offer. And we are not talking about cheap brothels.  Let’s check out some legitimate erotic experiences with style and taste. What first comes to mind is most likely the French Cabaret at Molin Rouge – inventor of the Can-Can Dance. But there is more: fake sandy beaches at the River Seine in summer, sex supermarkets of another kind, naughty Paris tours for ladies only, love hotels, erotic museums etc. We start our erotic Paris guide with the classic: Molin Rouge.

6 Erotic Things to do in Paris

(1) Infamous Molin Rouge | Molin Rouge is a cabaret location in Paris. It was founded in 1889. The original establisment burned down in 1915. Close to Mont Martre in Quartier Pigalle (Boulevard de Clichy), it is marked by the well-known red windmill on its roof. The closest metro station is Blanche. Moulin Rouge was the spiritual birthplace of can-can dance. Originally introduced as a seductive dance by courtesans who operated from the site, this dance evolved into an entertainment category of its own. It led to the spreading of cabarets across Western Europe. Today, Moulin Rouge is a tourist attraction, offering erotic musical dance entertainment. The club’s decor still contains much of the romance of fin de siècle France.

Paris Erotic within Limits: Molin Rouge
Paris erotic within limits: Molin Rouge

(2) Naughty Paris Tour | For ladies only! You are planning an erotic girlfriends vacation in Paris? Try “Naughty Paris – A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City”. The tour offers a free guide to sexy Paris and introduces you to fun and sexy entertainment in the French capital. A sensual Burlesque Boulevard striptease show at the trendy Le Lup lounge bar and absinthe tasting night at the sexy Curio Parlor. The Naughty Paris guide team also sets up private parties, as well as customized Paris Tours for ladies only. They that take you to places loaded with erotic atmosphere: hot clubs, cabarets, bars, restaurants, pole-dancing lessons, erotic art exhibitions, chic lingerie shops and fetish boutiques.

Erotic within Limits: Molin Rouge
Flash it! Underwear Dance On Streets of Paris. Women in their underwear dance during a flash-mob named “Beautiful Naked” (Belle toute nue), organised by French TV Station M6 near the Seine river in Paris, March 23, 2011. Read more: HERE

(3) Book a French Cabaret show | Paris erotic within Limits definitely means Cabaret! These special shows are amongst the most popular attractions in Paris! If you are looking for the sexiest revue in Paris, spend the evening at the Crazy Horse. This establishment has been entertaining the libido driven mob with its nude shows for over 50 years. But of course you can also book a dinner-revue at the world-famous Moulin Rouge and enjoy a French can-can show in the Pigalle sex district.

The streets in Pigalle are well known for hosting strip clubs and peep shows. Other great cabarets in Paris are the Lido on Champs Elysées, the very Parisian Paradis Latin, La Nouvelle Eve music-hall, the Brasil Tropical revue, Folies Bergères and Bobin theater in Montparnasse.

urban beach Paris Seine river
Urban beach in Paris at the Seine river.

(4) Love Accomodation: Hotel Amour | Paris’ Hotel Amour is stuffed with phallic and erotic items. Inspired by those Japanese love hotels for some quick fun, the owners of Hotel Amour have invested a decent amount of money in developing a stylish love concept. Among others they hired the services of fashion designer Chantal Thomass to design certain rooms, that make sure to get guests in the right love-making mood. Situated in Quartier Pigalle – known among tourists for its sex shops and adult theaters – Hotel Amour is just a 10-minute walk from Moulin Rouge.

erotic hotel amour paris
Paris erotic within limits: Hotel Amour, premium suite.

(5) Erotic Museum of Paris | Located just before the Molin Rouge, in the famous sin-soaked Quartier Pigalle, the Paris Museum of Eroticism houses a private collection of erotic artworks and temporary art exhibits. The owners: Alain Plumy and Joseph Khalif. They collected some saucy, funny and awkward exhibits from around the world. It’s a legitimate collection in spite of the tricky topic. Amongst the numerous joyful artifacts illustrating pleasure and lust, visitors will face sacred sex art items, sex comics, contemporary erotic art, all kinds of sex education books, fetish photos and rare pictures of brothels. Even chastity belts and anal jewelry will be on display.

Musée de l’Erotisme | 72, Blvd de Clichy, Paris, 18th Arrondisment | Open 7 days a week from 10am to 2am

Paris Erotic Museum
Paris Erotic Museum – erotic within limits.

(6) Supermarché de Charme Concorde = a Sex Supermarket | For more naughty fun in Paris, simply go shopping at a Supermarché de Charme Concorde. The Concorde supermarkets are pretty large-scale sex shops offering 10.000+ different items for special moments. Here nobody cares if you are straight or gay. Let your eyes scan  all those adult magazines, erotic movies, sex toys,  aphrodisiacs,  sexy lingerie, fetish shoes and hot accessories. Special offer: these sex stores in Paris feature modern private projection booths where clients can watch more than 2500 adult movies of all kinds.

Supermarchés de Charme Concorde are open from Monday – Saturday, 11am – 8pm, and located at:

-> 7 Bd Magenta – Paris 10th
-> 6 Rue Dahomey – Paris 11th
-> 117 Bd de l’Hôpital – Paris 13rd
-> 179 Bd Lefebvre – Paris 15th

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