The Hallos in Sion, Valais

hallos sion valais
hallos sion valais

Hallos Sion Valais | Today we take another look over the fence, checking on what The Hallos* are blogging about :)

Switzerland Travel Guide: Sion | Time seems to be standing still in Sion. I was walking into the main area of the old town, an area where most restaurants, cafes and shops are located. But I felt uninterested and decided to take the side alleys to be away from the crowd. In these quiet streets, I found myself wandering alone listening to soft chatter coming from apartments, admiring the window displays in front of hidden artisan shops, and feeling every cobblestone I walked on under my shoes. I love the stillness of these medieval alleys. When I close my eyes, I can imagine myself in a French movie. Vintage wandering, and my fingers trail the wall of the alley, being present at that very moment and nothing else …

The Hallos
Photos by Herr & Frau Hallo. © 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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*The Hallos in Sion: Alexandra and Remo – better known as Herr & Frau Hallo – live in Switzerland and love to go hiking. They own a huge collection of beautiful photos and decided to create a blog, sharing a little bit of their travel experience and passion for photography with the virtual world. Meet The Hallos.