Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand

hidden gem krabi
Hidden gem Krabi. Photo by Chili.

Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand | In 1999 the coastal province of Krabi (Southern Thailand) finally got an international airport. This was the bottle opener for large scale tourism. In 2017 approx. 4.5 million passengers arrived here, the vast majority of them heading straight towards Aonang, the most popular holiday hot spot.

The Krabi region is not as much worn down as neighboring Phuket or Thailand’s capital Bangkok, nor is it targeting sex tourists like Pattaya does. It’s more developed than Koh Samui and family friendly. Well-known franchises such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King and Häagen-Dazs already claimed their spots in Aonang.

Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand Resorts in the Krabi Region look like this. This is average only :)
Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand: average resorts look like this :)

Some facts about Krabi

-> 99% of all holidaymakers will actually head towards Ao Nang, not even briefly visiting Krabi Town.
-> The weather will be hot all year, but very sunny between November and May.
-> Power plugs in this region look like U.S. standard but are in fact 220 volts. If you bring electric tools from the United States, you will need a voltage converter or you’ll burn out whatever you plug in. Laptops, razors etc. will be fine.
-> Sunsets can be truly beautiful if you have chosen the right beach to enjoy them.
-> 100+ islands in the bay between Krabi and Phuket are worth a boat trip.

Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand – things to do

Rent a Scooter. Get a motobike for approx. 250 THB per day. This is the best way to explore the neighborhood.
Beaches northwest of Ao Nang. Better view, more calm, less people. Examples: Nopparat Thara Beach, Klong Muang Beach, Tubkaek Beach
Nature Trail at Phi-Phi-National Park. There is a baby version of Norway’s Trolltunga up there hidden in the rainforest. Although it’s just a 3.9 km walk, the distance feels twice as long because of some steep elevations and unforgiving humid heat. Your reward will be a chance to sit on a scarily small overhanging cliff, while your friend has to take snapshots of you. Post it on Facebook and your crowd will comment it with lots of wooaah’s and oooh’s. This is the stuff that makes Krabi a hidden gem.
Chicken Island & Co. For just 200 THB you can already reach the nearest islands: Chicken island, Tup- Mor and Poda Island
Monkeys. You can get closed to them at some beaches such as the south eastern ends of Aonang Beach and Pai Plong Beach. They don’t mind stealing your food, base cap, camera or phone.

Things to avoid in Krabi

Avoid Krabi Town. There is nothing we can pull off to make you visit Krabi. A few determined backpackers might give it a shot, when searching for authentic Thai culture.
Avoid  any beach between Aonang and Railay. Except you are def and therefore immune to the constant buzzing noise from hundreds of long tail motorboats riding up and down the coast from sunrise to sunset. Simply annoying.
Avoid September and October. Too much rain. You will go bonkers while staying inside your shelter.
Avoid taxi rides from and to the airport above 500 THB.
Avoid Emerald Pool, Blue Pool and Hot Springs. Approx. 1 h 15 min west of Krabi. It used to be an insider tip, until the Thai government started charging 200 THB per person and another extra 100 THB for the nearby Hot Springs (not yet included: parking fees).  If you arrive after 3pm, the staff will no longer grant you access to the Blue Pool, but still charge the same amount. For tourists this is no longer worth the ride. Locals like it, but they only pay 10% of the tourist fee to enter the pools.

Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand A sunset in the Aonang region looks like this. Expect nothing less :D
A sunset in the Aonang region looks like this. Expect nothing less.
Beaches near Aonang look like this. Expect nothing less :)
Beaches near Aonang look like this. The water is relatively clear.
Hidden Gem Thailand
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Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand. By Chili & Chirp | © Hugging Horizons | Featured image: Who needs Trolltunga in Norway, when you can get this view from the top of Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail (Phi Phi National Park). Photo by Chili. Visit our Asia’s Top Tourist Destinations.