Hidden Tourist spots – Bled, Slovenia

hidden tourist spots bled slovenia
Hidden tourist spots Bled Slovenia

Hidden Tourist spots Bled Slovenia | While some tourist hot spots are simply loved to death, others still give you room to breathe. We are right on track with eleven blog posts that name locations a bit off the beaten path, but very much worth a visit. Bled is definitely one of them …

Hidden tourist spots Bled Slovenia
Isle of Bled Lake in Summer.

Hidden tourist spots Bled Slovenia

The city of Bled is situated at the Eastern end of the Alp Mountains. You might have heard about Lake Bled with its famous picturesque Bled Island. In the 17th century a church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary was built on that island. Today this spot became one of Slovenia’s most visited by tourists and newlyweds.

Bled Castle and the Julian Alps in the background add extra charm to this picture perfect Slovenian landscape. Mountains and canyons around Bled offer a good blend of diversity for outdoor sports fans: hiking through beautiful forests, jumping down waterfalls, climbing, swimming in fresh mountain water pools, mountain biking.

Regarding the weather: It’s kind of ok to go to Bled all year round. Although November, December and January might turn you down a bit. The region has four distinct seasons. Each one of them is charming in its own way. Bled is located 35 km north of Ljubljana International Airport and 50 km south of Villach in Austria. The Slovenian ski resort Kranjska Gora and Austria’s Hermagor ski resort are in striking distance.

Hidden tourist spots Bled Slovenia
Georgeous gorges are waiting for you in the Bled region.
Hidden tourist spots Bled Slovenia
Bled: Canyoning!
Hidden tourist spots Bled Slovenia
Bled: one of a kind Lake Bled, Slovenia. Alp Mountains in the background.
Hidden tourist spots Bled Slovenia map
Bled, Slovenia (map).

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