Hidden Tourist spots – Luxembourg

Hidden tourist spots Luxembourg
Hidden tourist spots Luxembourg

Hidden tourist spots Luxembourg City, Vianden, Echternach | The small country of Luxembourg is not known as a major tourist destination. But the old town of Luxembourg City can be quite charming. It got a number of pedestrianized streets for tourists to wander through. Top attractions: Notre Dame Cathedral, Barrio Ground, Palace of the Grand Dukes and Casemates du Bock – the formerly fortified inner city of Luxembourg.

Hidden tourist spots Luxembourg
Charming Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg City.

Things to do in Luxembourg

From Luxembourg’s Capital it’s just 60 minutes by car to reach Vianden Castle, which may remind you a bit of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.  By now you have already reached the Northern region of Luxembourg.  It only takes approx. 1 hour to cross this tiny landlocked country in the middle of Europe from east to west and 2 hours from north to south.

Hidden tourist spots Luxembourg
Echternach, Luxembourg’s oldest town.

Half way between Luxembourg City and Vianden you will pass thru Echternach, the oldest city around here. It grew around the walls of the Abbey of Echternach, which was founded in 698 by St Willibrord, an English monk. The picturesque town, still surrounded by its medieval walls with towers, was badly damaged in World War II but was subsequently thoroughly restored.

By covering these three spots easily within a day you can tick off the country of Luxembourg from your bucket list. Best time to travel: May – September.

Hidden tourist spots Luxembourg Cathedral Notre Dame
Hidden tourist spot Luxembourg: inside Cathedrále Notre-Dame, built in the 17th century.
Luxembourg Barrio Grund
Luxembourg City, Barrio Grund
Hidden tourist spots Luxembourg Casemates du Bock
Casemates du Bock
Hidden tourist spot Echternach
Echternach Town Square, Luxembourg
Hidden tourist spot Casemates du Bock
Luxembourg, Casemates du Bock
Luxembourg map
Luxembourg map
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