Hongkong Strong

hongkong strong
Hongkong strong

Hongkong Strong | Mega city Hongkong is no longer a top destination for tourists. Crowded skyscraper-dotted streets make it hard to move forward while keeping a relaxed mood. Still we’d like to spend some thoughts on this place. Let’s start with a pretty cool Vimeo video clip that captures people’s imagination: Brandon Li ‘Hong Kong Strong’ …

One has to be either crazy or a foodie fan to fall in love with Hongkong. There’s not much else to experience than food. While Hong Kong is generally overpriced and a far cry from an attractive tourist destination, there are plenty of options for cheap food.  At 40 HKD you will get the weirdest street food, and of course noodles, dumplings and all that Chinese stuff.

Hongkong Strong – How to tackle this Monster

– Treat Hongkong like a layover city.  Don’t spend a week there. You will regret it.
– Cheapest place to stay: Chungking Mansion (1-star-hotel)
– Reasonable places to stay: Yes Inn and Rainbow Lodge.
– Avoid staying on Hongkong Island (expensive)
– Foodies: avoid ‘birds nests’ and shark fin soup.
– Nightlife lovers: go to Lan Kwai Fong.
– Don’t pay entrance fees for skyscraper platforms. Instead take Peak Tram ($3.60 one-way), enjoy a magnificent view over Hongkong and take a nice tree-lined walk back down.

Hongkong's Lamma Island is famous for sandy beaches and a laid-back vibe.
Hongkong strong: Lamma Island is famous for sandy beaches and a laid-back vibe.
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Many travelers don’t know that Hongkong is more than just Hong Kong Island. The territory counts approx. 250 islands. Most of them remain extremely rural and not easy to access. But there are some islands within ferry distance, offering interesting experiences. Examples:

Cheung Chau | Fresh seafood, leisure bike rides and Cheung Po Tsai pirate caves.

Lamma Island | You will find a laid-back vibe and popular beaches.

Peng Chau | Home to Finger Hill and the Seven Sisters Temple.

Lantau | Great beach bars and the historic Tai O fishing village.

Hongkong strong. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel News here.