Weird Places: Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Ice Crystal Caves Iceland
Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Weird Places: Ice Crystal Caves Iceland | Are you up for chasing some ice? At wintertime, when people in the northern hemisphere travel southbound, Iceland offers a rare tourist attraction: Between November and March ice caving tours are a popular treat for tourists. It’s the time of the year when ice caves are stable enough to enter, because outside temperatures constantly settle far below freezing.

These crystal caves within Icelandic glaciers are just mesmerizing wonders of nature. Unfortunately they are far off any civilization, which means: at least 5 hours away from Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. Several companies offer guided tours at around US$150 for 3 hours of ice caving. Some ice caving tourists head to the Vatnajokull Glacier in South East Iceland, others to the Langjokull glacier in South West Iceland.

One of the ice caving tour guides is Don’t try to enter the caves alone. You will not survive. And book well in advance. The tours are usually sold out for people arriving at the site on short notice.

Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Caves Iceland
Ice Crystal Caves Iceland: Book tours well in advance.
Ice Crystal Caves Iceland
Don’t go in there alone.
Ice Crystal Caves Iceland
Ice Crystal Caves Iceland: Truly mesmerizing stuff.

Where to stay in Iceland

Here are our two favorite properties in Iceland:

(1) Little White Castle. This one is a pearl. The Little White Castle is a suburban property located near the international airport, 10 minutes away from the coast. Distance to Reykjavik: 40 minutes by car. Price per night: approx. $150 / €120. The owner was clearly going the extra mile. Everything is close to perfect! You will have to book well in advance. Demand is high.

Little White Castle Iceland
Little White Castle: Adalgata 17, 230 Keflavík, Iceland.

(2) Lava Water Accomodation near the Snæfellsjökull National Park, 137 km north of Iceland’s capital. This is another awesome property nestled among more rural landscapes. Again, the owners have thought of all the finer details to make your stay enjoyable and easy. Price per night roughly $100/€85.

Lava Water Accomodation, Iceland
Iceland pick your destination
Iceland – pick your destination here.

Header photo by Ian McKenzie, Alberta Speleological Society, CC BY-SA 2.5 -> Ponded Water Ice in SerendipityIce Crystal Caves Iceland. By Chili & Chirp | © International Destinations. Visit other weird places -> Japan | Salton Sea | Lake Natron.