Iceberg tourism in Newfoundland

Iceberg tourism in Newfoundland, Canada | An impressive iceberg made it into the Canada’s News over Easter weekend. Its appearance near the sleepy town of Ferryland draw a lot of attention from tourists. This massive chunk of frozen water caused traffic jams unfamiliar to locals as iceberg-hunting tourists rushed to take photos. It’s very rare for an iceberg of this magnitude to come so close to the coast. On average 212 icebergs drift off the Arctic towards Newfoundland this time of year. But after a record warm Arctic winter thanks to global warming 648 were counted in April 2017 so far. This particular fellow was taller than the one that cut open Titanic. In Newfoundland waters close to where the Titanic sank in 1912, icebergs very often force ships to take precautions. Instead of cutting straight thru, vessels are taking huge detours to avoid collisions.

Iceberg tourism Newfoundland
Iceberg tourism Newfoundland.

There are some Youtube videos available that show different stages of the floating ice mountain over Easter weekend. None of the videos is actually nice to watch. But they all seem to show: the iceberg melted fast.

Iceberg tourism Newfoundland. Book an accomodation where it's windy.
Book an accomodation where it’s windy.

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