Koh Tachai closed to Tourists

Koh Tachai closed to tourists | Thai authorities did close the island of Koh Tachai, saying: heavy tourism is negatively affecting natural resources and the environment. The island, off Phang Nga province, is part of the Similan National Park. Right decision! The problem that had to be resolved: Koh Tachai’s beaches are too white, its coral reef too colorful, and its marine life too beautiful. Recently too many divers were attracted to this paradise spot. There were 8 to 10 boats on site with approx. 5 divers each. The mantas were being driven away by the hoards of divers. Not to loose the attraction forever by allowing too many divers, the national park authorities simply closed the entire island before damage goes beyond repair. Well done. Destinations such as this one need to take a long-term view on how to keep their assets intact and fresh.

Thai authorities close Koh Tachai to Tourists

Koh Tachai closed
No more strolls on the white sandy beaches of Koh Tachai. Thai authorities close Koh Tachai to tourists – a right decision.

Koh Tachai is located at the northern most tip of Similan NP. The island measures 12 sqkm. On Koh Tachai tourists used to find white beaches at a perfection level of 10/10 and crystal clear waters with mighty whale sharks and manta rays. An extravagant marine life lead to the nomination of the National Geographic Society as one of the top 10 diving destinations on earth. Koh Tachai was open for tourism from November to April. On May 15, 2016 the Thai government announced the closure of the island for public until further notice. This decision was based on findings that the ecological damage caused by mass tourism had left the environment not longer able to restore itself. Other Similan Islands are still open for travelers from October 15 until May 15.

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