New York on a Budget

new york budget
New York on a budget. Photo by Chili.

New York on a Budget | Manhattan – although for many the travel destination #1 – is overpriced, congested, in large parts worn down, dirty, too cold between November and April and if you are honest to yourself: pretty boring. But we can hear you. At least once in a lifetime you want to pop up here and collect your NYC fridge magnet. This post about Manhattan in particular gives travel advise, helping you to save at least some bucks and get the best out of New York on a budget.

New York on a Budget
New York on a Budget: Avoid taxis. Take a walk or the Subway instead. Photo by Chili.

Cheap accommodation in New York | If you did ever stay overnight in New York you know: That same price you paid for an extended toilet did give you access to a palace pretty much anywhere else. What are your options: and have some alternatives at reasonable prices. Of course this comes with a risk, since both portals don’t follow hotel standards but support freestyle hosts and punks paying their mortgages.

Roosevelt Island Tram | Getting a view of Manhattans roof tops is not cheap. The Empire State Building charges $32+ for such view. It is impressive but you will have to wait in looooong queues. Once the queue gets shorter at about 11pm until 2am, most lights of neighboring buildings are switched off, which will spoil your snapshots. And the observatory at One World Center in Downtown Manhattan charges $33. What to do instead: Try the Roosevelt Island Tram instead. It will cost you $2.50.

Things to do for free in New York

Walking across Brooklyn Bridge, strolling thru Central Park, looking out for High Line …

High Line | The High Line project has the impact and feel of a real-live attraction. Created from an abandoned stretch of elevated railroad track, the native-inspired landscaping of this park 30 feet in the air connects the Meatpacking District with Chelsea’s galleries, ending at the Javits Center. On a sunny day you can enjoy wonderful Hudson River views.

Statue of Liberty | Of many tourists a view from the crown of this world famous copper lady is a must. Tickets are hard to get and with $22+ per person pretty expensive. You would have to book your ride many months in advance. Skip the crowd by taking boat ride with the Staten Island Ferry for free. This 5 miles/25 minute journey also provides a decent view of the Statue of Liberty.

New York on a Budget
New York on a Budget: Take the free Staten Island Ferry to see her. Photo by Chili.
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