Overcrowded Tourist Destinations

overcrowded tourist destinations
Overcrowded tourist destinations

Overcrowded Tourist Destinations | In December, Disneyland in Los Angeles and Disney World in Orlando temporarily reached maximum capacity and were forced to close their gates, turning away guests. Both tourist hot spots are not the only destinations grappling with the challenge of balancing out surging global traveler numbers with the incapability of expanding the site. Thanks to the Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik turned away tourists last year. It was just too many.

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), 2018 will be making it the eighth consecutive year of above-average growth in global tourism since the 2009 economic crisis. At the same time, the sites all those travelers are visiting aren’t getting any bigger. Today it’s a fact: overcrowding has become a major issue for many global tourist destinations and popular ecosystems.

Within private enterprises, such as Disney parks, officials in charge of those institutions successfully work to implement crowd control measures, but when the problem spills out into public spaces, such as in the inner city of New York or Venice, it’s a bit less apparent whose problem crowding is. Example: London. When it comes to the inner city of London, crowding has become a burden on its residents. There are parts of London which Londoners now regard as no-go areas because there simply are too many tourists.

There is no way around it anymore: If you can, avoid days of high attendance! For Europe this includes pretty much all days in June, July and August – all considered high-season months for travel to the old continent. A beach in Spain, the Great Wall of China, Versailles, the Acropolis, Taj Mahal … Chili and Churp prepared some suitable pictures for you. Enjoy.

 Crowded Great Wall of China
Crowded Great Wall of China
Overcrowded Tourist Destinations Crowded Taj Mahal
Crowded Taj Mahal in India
Overcrowded Tourist Destinations Crowded Spanish beach
Crowded Spanish beach
Overcrowded Tourist Destinations Crowded Acropolis
Crowded Acropolis in Athens
Crowded Versailles near Paris

The top 10 most visited tourist attractions in the world, counted by millions of visitors in 2018
10. Innercity of New York (U.S.) = 12.3 Million
9: Innercity of Istanbul (Turkey) = 12.6 M
8: Forbidden City, Beijing (China) = 15.3 M
7: Disneyland, Los Angeles (U.S.) = 16 M
6: Innercity of Paris (France) = 16 M
5: Disney World, Orlando (U.S.) = 17.5 M
4: Innercity of Bangkok (Thailand) = 18.2 M (18.2 million fools)
3: Innercity of London (UK) = 18.8 M
2: Niagara Falls (Canada/U.S.) = 22.5 M
1: The Strip, Las Vegas (U.S.) = 39.7 M

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