China Hidden Tourist Spots

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

China Hidden Tourist Spots Top 10 | Sure they are not really hidden, but somehow not easy to reach because distances are huge. The following locations are worth a visit – if you have time and you are willing to live without internet: China Hidden Tourist Spots. Honghe Hani Rice Terraces (1) The Hani Rice

France vs Germany

France vs Germany

France vs Germany | Ok, ok. It’s not entirely fair to compare France and Germany the way we do it here. It lacks a bit of scientifically proven depth. But it’s fun. Enjoy our tourist mix pics comparing elegant France with links-zwo-drei-Germany … France vs Germany. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations |

Guy Gear Shavers

Guy gear shavers compared

Travel Equipment: Guy Gear Shavers | Today we do a Shaver check. Shaver are good when they have (A) multi-directional flex heads – also called ‘Rotary Shavers’. That means: no one-blade shavers please! (B) a lithium-ion battery. Best with turbo charge option. (C) ‘Lift and Cut’ technology. Means: it works with two blades, one to lift and

Hidden Gem Utrecht

Hidden Gem Utrecht Dom Tower

Hidden Gem Utrecht | Netherlands’ prime destination for international tourists is Amsterdam. But channels, bicycles and flower markets are not just limited to the Capital. You find them elsewhere too, for example in Utrecht. For us Utrecht became the runner-up on our own list of highlights in the Netherlands. And here is why: Because of De

Mont Blanc from Ponte Helbronner

Mont Blanc Ponte Helbronner

Mont Blanc from Ponte Helbronner | Visiting Mont Blanc is up high on many travelers’ to-do-lists. Mont Blanc – the highest mountain in Europe – rises 4,809 m above sea level. The ‘White Mountain’ separates the Aosta Valley down south (Italy) from the Savoie up north (France). Most tourists tackle Mont Blanc from the Chamonix

B&B Stadslogement Oudewater

B&B Stadslogement Oudewater, Netherlands | Sometimes photos don’t lie. Elegant properties like this one are hard to find and well booked in advance. The Asian invaders Chili, Churp, Ajean and Mdm Ong did check in at B&B Stadslogement Oudewater in April 2018. Our goal was having an accommodation in striking distance to Amsterdam (50 minutes)