Weird Places: Salton Sea California

salton sea california

Salton Sea California | Let’s take on another weird place: Salton Sea, just a few miles south of Palm Springs in sunny California, and not too far away from the Mexican border. Disaster tourists find a gem here. Salton Sea is a highly toxic artificial lake. But this was not always the case. At its

Weird Places: Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Weird Places: Ice Crystal Caves Iceland | Are you up for chasing some ice? At wintertime, when people in the northern hemisphere do anything but traveling, Iceland offers a rare tourist attraction: Between November and March ice caving tours are a popular treat for tourists. It’s the time of the year when ice caves are

Versova Beach Mumbai

versova beach mumbai

Versova Beach Mumbai | For decades Versova Beach in Mumbai (Bombay) was just an ugly symbol of beach pollution at its worst. Disaster tourists from all over the world came here to witness new records of extreme: One million tons of rubbish. All they could see was waves of plastic containers, bottles, milk packs, cement

Favorite Part of Kakadu National Park

Favorite Part Kakadu National Park

Favorite Part Kakadu National Park | This is another blog post about beautiful Australia. Today’s video let’s you travel into the heart of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory – a 3 hours drive down south from Darwin. Kakadu NP tops Australia’s list of National Parks in many categories: the largest, the most beautiful (at

Germany’s Baltic Sea

germanys baltic sea

Germanys Baltic Sea | The Baltic Sea Coast of Germany is a popular vacation region – among Germans. International tourists are rare or they are Swedish and drunk. Germany’s Baltic Sea Coast is located in the northern federal states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein. Besides the obvious draw of a beach destination, many of the old coastal

Arusha and Kilimanjaro

arusha Kilimandjaro Amboseli national park

Arusha Kilimanjaro | No matter if you want to tackle Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru or you plan to hunt Africa’s “Big 5” with your camera: one of the two airports in the Arusha region will be your gateway. Arusha’s airport (ARK) connects travelers to all of Tanzania’s other national airports, including Zanzibar, Pemba, Kilimanjaro and