History of Tourism – Sex Tourism Since 1950s

sex tourism since 1950s

History of Tourism – Sex Tourism since 1950s | Per definition we speak of sex tourism when the main purpose of a vacation is to engage in sexual activity. First traces of such indecent doing on a massive scale can be found in Cuba and the Philippines in the 1950s … Cuba’s reputation as an

Space Tourism 2016

Space Tourism 2016

History of tourism, part 5: Space tourism 2016 | For rich people the sky is the limit. But make no mistake, we are speaking about the stratosphere-kind-of-sky, where the air is so thin you need to be an astronaut to survive. Dennis Tito was the first. On April 28, 2001 this American engineer and multi

Tourism Antarctica since 1966

Tourism Antarctica

History of Tourism Antarctica | In 1966, the first ship carrying tourists arrived in Antarctica: 57 leisure travelers were ready to visit the world’s southernmost land mass. The tour was lead by Swedish-American entrepreneur Lars-Eric Lindblad. He was aware that his journey to the frozen continent might be tangled with complications. “Going there might even be

History of Tourism – The first Cruise Ship, 1900

first cruise ship 1900

History of Tourism – First Cruise Ship 1900 | On a cold winter day Albert Ballin – Managing Director at HAPAG in Hamburg – had a brilliant idea. While watching his company’s flagship vessel ‘Augusta Victoria’ hibernating in the port, he forged a plan aiming a high return on investment. Many ships were largely unused during

The Beginning of Winter Tourism 1860

Beginning Winter Tourism 1860

Beginning Winter Tourism 1860 | The Swiss city of St. Moritz is known as cradle of winter tourism. It all started in the 1860s, when hotel manager Johannes Badrutt invited some British summer holiday guests to return to St. Moritz in winter to see some snowy landscape with plenty of sunshine. According to legend, Badrutt

History of Tourism – the Beginning of Leisure Tourism 1844

beginning leisure tourism 1844

History of Tourism – the Beginning of Leisure Tourism in 1844 | ‘Tourism’ means touring for pleasure – traveling for holiday activities only. Traces of recreational journeys one can already find in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. But modern mass tourism did not become an industry until the 1840s in Leicester, England. The following seven