Underrated Tourist Spots – Eze, France

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Underrated Tourist Spots Eze France | If you’re vacationing in Nice, reserve one day to explore the charming, little medieval town of Eze. A location made for movies. In fact Walt Disney stayed here several times. Archeological evidence proves that he area surrounding Èze was already populated around 2000 BC …

Hidden Places: Kotor, Montenegro

hidden tourist spots kotor montenegro

Hidden tourist spots Kotor Montenegro | Just two hours south of Dubrovnik lies Kotor in Montenegro. Kotor is by far the best preserved City in the region. It’s nicely hidden within brooding mountains but still has access to the Adria. That makes it a coastal town located in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor …

Hidden Tourist spots – Luxembourg

Hidden tourist spots-Luxembourg

The small country of Luxembourg is not known as a major tourist destination. But the old town of Luxembourg City can be quite charming. It got a number of pedestrianized streets for tourists to wander through …

Hidden Tourist spots – Dinant, Belgium

hidden tourist spots Dinant

Underrated tourist spots, hidden gems. While some tourist locations are simply loved to death, others still give you room to breathe. Starting today, eleven blog posts introduce you to hidden tourist spots, certainly a bit off the beaten path, still very much worth a visit. One recommendation per day. We start with Dinant in Belgium

Hawaii – Setting the Record Straight

Hawaii Setting Record Straight

Hawaii Setting Record Straight | For decades the word “Hawaii” has been music in the ears of leisure travelers, mostly from Japan and the U.S. They listen to a smaltzy song like “Aloha Oe” by Queen Lilioukalani and start to have this delusion about Hawaii: a place close to paradise …

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos

top 15 best tourist photos

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos | Amazing, brave, crazy, illegal, cool … these are the top 15 best tourist photos we found in the world wide web …