Top 10 Funny Tourist Snapshots

top 10 funny tourist snapshots

Top 10 Funny Tourist Snapshots | Today’s blog post is all about funny tourist pics. Those photos are not made by us. We found them online. This is our top 10 list for this year. Enjoy :) Top 10 funniest tourist snapshots. By Chili & Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel Top Lists.

Top 10 Tourist Hot Spots Germany

heidelberg bridge germany

From today onwards we navigate a bit deeper into the heart of Europe: Germany. Our next six blog posts will reveal our Top 10 tourist hot spots in Germany, we guide you thru Berlin, compare Germany with France, and we will visit the Baltic Sea. Top 10 Tourist Hot Spots Germany | In large parts

Top 10 Statues worldwide

top 10 statues worldwide

Top 10 Statues Worldwide | Let’s go sculpture hunting! Taking their age and size into consideration these are the Top 10 Statues Worldwide – most amazing, most realistic! Half of them you will be able to catch within one vacation in Middle Europe. Your journey would include Berlin, Rome, Florence and Paris. But the remaining

10 Facts about Norway

10 facts norway

10 Facts Norway | One needs to love the cold to enjoy Norway. Only then the country has one real piece of beauty to offer: nature! 4+ million tourists head for Norway each year, spending approx. US$1,200 per person. But we did warn you. It will be cold up there! Be prepared. Here are some interesting facts

Disappointing travel destination: Petra, Jordan

Disappointing travel destination Petra Jordan

Disappointing travel destination Petra Jordan | Our last disappointing travel destination is Petra in Jordan. Petra, the mysterious city of the Nabataeans, came to prominence as a powerful trading post on the Silk Route, reaching its zenith around the 1st century AD before disappearing into the mists of legend. Known only to local Bedouin, it

Disappointing travel destination: Los Angeles

Disappointing travel destination Los Angeles

Disappointing travel destination Los Angeles | You’ve dreamed of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for your whole life. You booked your ticket. Then you get there and it’s by far not what you expected. Hollywood Boulevard turns out to be run-down, dangerous and dirty piece of concrete with roughly 60,000 homeless people sleeping almost everywhere on