Versova Beach Mumbai – from awful to awesome

versova beach mumbai

From Awful to Awesome: Versova Beach | For decades Versova Beach in Mumbai (Bombay) was just an ugly symbol of beach pollution at its worst. Disaster tourists from all over the world came here to witness new records of extreme: One million tons of rubbish …

Booking Cheap Flights Best Way

booking cheap flights best way

Booking Cheap Flights Best Way | We try to answer three questions: (1) Which time of the year is the best? (2) How many days in advance should you buy a plane ticket? (3) Where to book your flight?

Most Popular Tourist Countries

Popular Countries Tourists

History of tourism – most popular tourist countries | Our last article in this series takes a look at the popular travel destinations country wise. According to Wikipedia, France is the number 1 destination for leisure seeking travelers. Staggering 84 million international tourists did arrive in France in 2016. That exceeds the population of France

Forgotten Tourist Destinations

Forgotten Tourist Destinations

Tourism is a fickle business, with destinations going in and out of vogue as quickly as moon boots. Destinations that were hot only a few decades ago have since gone quiet, becoming a shadow of their glory days. What caused the flux in the fad? Reasons for former tourism heavyweights falling from grace vary …

History of Tourism – Sex Tourism Since 1950s

sex tourism since 1950s

History of Tourism – Sex Tourism since 1950s | Per definition we speak of sex tourism when the main purpose of a vacation is to engage in sexual activity. First traces of such indecent doing on a massive scale can be found in Cuba and the Philippines in the 1950s …