Englands Stereotype Tourist Photos

england most stereotype tourist photos

Englands Stereotype Tourist Photos  | Planing a vacation in England, international travelers pretty much focus on London only. On Christmas Eve 2015 The Telegraph published an interesting heat map created by a London University student. It reveals London’s tourist attractions that are snapped most often on Flickr. The heat map is based on approx. 1 million

Mexico’s Stereotype Tourist Photos

Mexicos Stereotype Tourist Photos

Mexicos Stereotype Tourist Photos | Most of them are not really nice. But #8 might give you some awe … When planning a vacation in Mexico, be careful! On April 30, the British Government issued a travel warning for its citizens when entering Mexico. Canada did exactly the same back in January. A recent wave

Visiting Taipei: No

visiting taipei no

Visiting Taipei? No! Sorry to you guys over there in the far east of Asia. You are indeed friendly life-loving people. But when it comes to spending money for vacation there must be another valid reason apart from friendly people. Taipei does not have any. We travelled to Taipei on March 25, 2017 and stayed

Tulou Concealed Ancient Chinese Fortress

Tulou Concealed Ancient Chinese Fortress

Tulou Concealed Ancient Chinese Fortress | For hundreds of years, China’s fortified tulous have protected entire villages from outside intruders. Then came China’s modernization madness, leaving the old smelly tulou sites behind in decline. But recently an unexpected savior appeared: Tourism … In 2008 a total of 46 remaining Fujian tulou sites were inscribed by

Understanding Chinese Tourists

understanding chinese tourists

Understanding Chinese Tourists | Quite frequently you hear European tourist resorts complaining about weird behavior from Chinese travelers, being rude, uncivilized and awful. These unlucky tourists from the Far East simply can’t get rid of false prejudice. Let’s start with a quote from Mark Twain: “They talked loudly and coarsely and laughed boisterously when all others

Shenzhen Low Carbon City

shenzhen low carbon city

Shenzhen Low Carbon City | Shenzhen is not really a popular tourist destination. Shenzhen can be compared with the Silicon Valley in the U.S. Lots of tech companies did settle here. Regarding things touristy: the 10 million people metropolis got Mount Wuton, some nice beaches and a few historic sites (such as Dapeng Fortress and