Yonaguni Ancient Civilization?

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization? Japan’s western most island Yonaguni is very small and unspectacular, but popular among divers. The sea off Yonaguni became a preferred diving location during the winter months due to its large population of hammerhead sharks. But there is more. Yonaguni is a smoking gun on the verge of re-writing the history of

Bhutan – Last Frontier

Bhutan last frontier

Bhutan Last Frontier | For tourists Bhutan is an incredibly expensive, strange and unique marvel. While the rest of the world slowly goes insane, Bhutan still remains 100% organic and 100% grounded. The people of Bhutan have been independent now for more than 2,000 years. Tourists were only allowed in since 1974. This landlocked country

Narcisse Snake Pits Manitoba

Narcisse Snake Pits Manitoba

Narcisse Snake Pits Manitoba | For sure not everybody’s favorite tourist spot, but a Mekka for reptile lovers: the Narcisse Snake Pits located in the rural north of Narcisse, Manitoba (Canada) claims to have the highest density of snakes worldwide. The dens operate as winter home of tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes. Their

Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand

hidden gem krabi

Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand | In 1999 the coastal province of Krabi (Southern Thailand) finally got an international airport. This was the bottle opener for large scale tourism. In 2017 approx. 4.5 million passengers arrived here, the vast majority of them heading straight towards Aonang, the most popular holiday resort in the region. The Krabi

ByeBye Plastic Bags – Bali’s last Chance?

byebye plastic bags bali

ByeBye Plastic Bags – Bali’s last Chance? | Bali – the so-called Island of Gods – has long lost its magic. With a steady 10%+ increase of tourist arrivals over the last 30 years (4.6 million in 2016) it would have been necessary to back up this growing influx with an infrastructure that keeps side

World Traveler Lois Pryce

world traveler lois pryce

World Traveler Lois Pryce | A well sorted travel alphabet is not complete with an entry at the letter L for Lois Pryce. She is a professional world traveler and therefore one of our idols. Born in Aberdeen in 1973 she attended school in Bristol and has been living in London since 1992. Lois Pryce