Funny Peruvian Llamas

funny peruvian llamas

Peru is famous for Machu Picchu – a world heritage site located up high in a mountain ridge above the Sacred Valley – and … Llamas! Similar to sheep, domesticated llamas and their smaller relatives the alpacas also get shaved every once in a while. That’s common practice in large parts of Peru. Here are some funny snapshots of shaved Llamas and Alpacas – taken by tourists roaming around in Peru …

Cheapest and most expensive Beaches in Europe

cheapest beaches europe algarve portugal

Cheapest and most expensive Beaches in Europe | Beach lovers listen up! It’s that time of the year to book your next sand castle. As always, Britain’s Telegraph helps by publishing a ranking of Europe’s cheapest and most expensive coastal travel destinations …

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization?

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization? Japan’s western most island Yonaguni is very small and unspectacular, but popular among divers. The sea off Yonaguni became a preferred diving location during the winter months due to its large population of hammerhead sharks. But there is more. Yonaguni is a smoking gun on the verge of re-writing the history of mankind …

Medical Tourism on the Rise

medical tourism south korea

Medical Tourism on the Rise | A heart bypass for $5,200? Not in the United States, but elsewhere! Although numbers are hard to get by, several indicators suggest that medical tourism is going thru the roof recently …

Top 7 dollar-friendly destinations

7 dollar-friendly tourist destinations: Bulgaria

Top 7 dollar-friendly destinations | The following seven cheap holiday destinations are not overcrowded yet. Most of the locations listed do not provide 5-star-standards in top notch regions. But if you don’t mind some rough edges, they might turn out to be your next diamond destinations …

World’s Cruelest Animal Attractions

worlds cruelest animal attractions

Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer made big headlines in 2016, when killing a famous male lion in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Trophy Hunting is by far the cruelest thing a tourist can do to an animal. But do you guess what’s the runner-up? Nowadays tourists travel great distances for a chance to see and interact with animals. And 80% are not even aware of the consequences for those animals involved.