Top 10 Funny Tourist Snapshots

top 10 funny tourist snapshots

Top 10 Funny Tourist Snapshots | Today’s blog post is all about funny tourist pics. Those photos are not made by us. We found them online. This is our top 10 list for this year. Enjoy :) Top 10 funniest tourist snapshots. By Chili & Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel Top Lists.

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 | The amount of historic inner cities still being fully in tact is dramatically low. In large parts cities consequently need to re-invent themselves to keep pace with the economic needs of their regions …

Best Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes 2018

Best Hiking Shoes 2018 | Here is our wish list. Hiking boots should be not too bulky but rather lightweight, reasonably waterproof, tough, supportive, comfortable and over-the-ankle style. If you ever spread your ankles, you know why this is important. The contenders: Salomon, Merrell and Adidas. Some of the boots listed here are more pricy, some

Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches

Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches

Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches | Let there be light! Today we jump into the category Camping Gear -> Lights. We’ll show you our favorite headlamp, pocket flashlight and camping lantern. And we recommend something pretty special too: USB-rechargeable AA batteries. Our first recommendation: Headlamp Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches. The LE Headlamp is an LED based

Best Beach Beauty 2018

most erotic tourist photo 2018 headerpic

Best Beach Beauty 2018 | Once a year we publish a collection of most erotic tourist photos. Last year we called it the Best Beach Beauties. And we thought we just stick to it: BBB! It’s time for the 2018 edition of the best beach beauties. Just for the record: our personal favorite is the

California’s Coastal Highway reopens at Gorda

Californias Coastal Highway reopens Gorda

California’s Coastal Highway reopened at Gorda | In May 2017 a quarter-mile section of California’s famous State Route 1 fell into the ocean due to the largest landslide ever recorded between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Yesterday Mercury News had this to say: After a 14-month closure, the section at Gorda did reopen. It ended the longest