Best Compact Cameras

Best Compact Cameras 2018

Best Compact Cameras | We want to settle with no less than 20 Megapixels and a decent zoom lens. A max. resolution of 4000×3000 would be great. All that below 250 gramm please and below $400. These are the contenders in todays review of the best mirrorless compact cameras: Canon Powershot SX730 (1) Canon Powershot

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

wireless noise canceling headphones sony

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones are part of our Top Travel Gear List – ranking items that make traveling more comfortable. Long distance journeys are not always fun. A red eyes flight in the back of an A380 can be quite stressful due to constant airplane cabin noise. To cancel this out you might consider getting wireless

Guy Gear Shavers

Guy gear shavers compared

Travel Equipment: Guy Gear Shavers | Today we do a Shaver check. Shaver are good when they have (A) multi-directional flex heads – also called ‘Rotary Shavers’. That means: no one-blade shavers please! (B) a lithium-ion battery. Best with turbo charge option. (C) ‘Lift and Cut’ technology. Means: it works with two blades, one to lift and

Stylish Backpacks

Stylish backpacks | Array solar backpack from VoltaicSystems

Stylish Backpacks -> No. 1: Socko Stylish Backpacks | Our winner is ‘Socko’ from Brinch, because we think it gave us the highest return on investment. For $40 (34 Euros) you will get a very comfy piece of travel luggage – good for hiking, biking, college or your daily trip to the office. The laptop

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Chili and Chirp – about us | We are Le Chili & La Chirp, bloggers and world travelers on a budget. With our blog posts we would like to encourage you to do the same. Our goal is to show you how to travel the world on your own, without tour operators, easily and safely.

eSports Tourism Chapter 2

eSports Tourism Birmingham 2018

eSports Tourism Chapter 2: The United Kingdom’s 1st! For the first time in Dota history, Great Britain was welcoming players, talent and fans for an entire weekend of Dota 2 action. The eSports event took place from May 25th to 27th at the Arena in Birmingham, King Edwards Rd. This first Dota 2 Major in