Eiffel Tower Fancy Glass Floor

paris 50 minutes

Eiffel Tower Fancy Glass Floor | Hard to believe that this piece of a genius was originally built as a temporary structure. Part of the Paris’ Universal Exhibition the iconic Eiffel Tower did rise up in 1889 – just in time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. It was planned to tear

Chinese Tourists Destroy Sites

Chinese Tourists Destroy Sites | What to do if your money wise important tourists destroy your site? You will have to take urgent action protecting your source of income. This is exactly what happens right now in Japan during “Sakura” – the cherry blossom season. A Chinese woman gatecrashed a restricted area at Tokyo’s Ueno

Vintage Berlin Videos

Vintage Berlin Videos

Vintage Berlin Videos | You might not believe it, but our header image is from  1920s Berlin, showing two young sisters in a cafe. Thinking about Berlin in the 1920s, there are lots of clichés that come to mind: dance on the volcano, women with short hair, feather boas, cigarette holders, men wearing suspenders and

Event Tourism: eSports

Event Tourism eSports Tourism Genting

eSports tourism hits Genting, Malaysia | Adults are shocked, kids are in awe! Remember when your parents did not like seeing you traveling to Roskilde just to admire The Cure or Iggy Pop? Well, now you are a parent yourself, and you will have to eat this: A pretty hip version of event tourism was flying under

National Geographic Travel Photos of the Year

national geographic travel photos year

As we all know, very year, National Geographic holds a pretty famous photography contest that attracts tens of thousands of submissions. In 2017, sister magazine, National Geographic Travel, published a similar ranking: National Geographic Travel Photos of the Year We show you the top 12 most inspiring entries in 2016 (published in 2017) for you, starting