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Today we take a look over the fence, checking on what our neighbors are blogging about. Meet The Hallos from Switzerland :) Alexandra and Remo – better known as Herr & Frau Hallo – live in Switzerland and love to go hiking. They own a huge collection of beautiful photos and decided to create a

Nefertiti Bust Taken Down

Nefertiti Bust Taken Down | An obviously not-so-perfect replica of the bust famous ancient queen Neferiti sparked an outcry in Egypt, that resulted in taking it down. Initially the intention was honorable: Officials wanted to place something nice and Egyptian at the entrance of Samalut – a city located half way between Cairo and Luxor. Just


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Iceberg tourism in Newfoundland

Iceberg tourism in Newfoundland, Canada | An impressive iceberg made it into the Canada’s News over Easter weekend. Its appearance near the sleepy town of Ferryland draw a lot of attention from tourists. This massive chunk of frozen water caused traffic jams unfamiliar to locals as iceberg-hunting tourists rushed to take photos. It’s very rare for an