Best Beach Beauty 2017

Best Beach Beauty 2017

Best Beach Beauty 2017 | The idea of having a Best Beauty Page at least once per year was born after checking our web visitor statistics. Instead of looking for nice properties to go on vacation, users seem to rather look for erotic top 10 lists such as Most Beautiful People, Sexy Destinations and Paris Erotic Tourism.

Trickle of Turquoise is back

agua azul trickle turquoise back

A trickle of turquoise is back | The Agua Azul Waterfalls in Chiapas, Mexico were famous for their cascading bright turquoise water and a strong tourist magnet. But after the huge 8.2 magnitude earthquake in September they dried up. Only few tourists did arrive since then as it became public knowledge that there was no

Tourist Top 10 Bucket List 2017

top 10 bucket list 2017

Tourist Top 10 Bucket List 2017 | The following 10 sights you should better have visited before you die: Grand Canyon, USA Great Wall, China Paris, France Angkor Wat, Kambodia Great Barrier Reef, Australia Lake Baikal, Russia Machu Picchu, Peru Iguazu Waterfalls, Argentina/Brazil Milford Sound, New Zealand Ranthambore, India Tourist Top 10 Bucket List 2017

The Hallos in Sion, Valais

hallos sion valais

Hallos Sion Valais | Today we take another look over the fence, checking on what The Hallos* are blogging about :) Switzerland Travel Guide: Sion | Time seems to be standing still in Sion. I was walking into the main area of the old town, an area where most restaurants, cafes and shops are located. But I

The Hallos

hallos switzerland

Today we take a look over the fence, checking on what our neighbors are blogging about. Meet The Hallos from Switzerland :) Alexandra and Remo – better known as Herr & Frau Hallo – live in Switzerland and love to go hiking. They own a huge collection of beautiful photos and decided to create a