Overcrowded Tourist Destinations

overcrowded tourist destinations

Overcrowded Tourist Destinations | In December 2017 Disneyland in Los Angeles and Disney World in Orlando temporarily reached maximum capacity and were forced to close their gates, turning away guests. Both tourist hot spots are not the only destinations grappling with the challenge of balancing out surging global traveler numbers with the incapability of expanding

New York on a Budget

new york budget

New York on a Budget | Manhattan – although for many the travel destination #1 – is overpriced, congested, in large parts worn down, dirty, too cold between November and April and if you are honest to yourself: pretty boring. But we can hear you. At least once in a lifetime you want to pop

Venice on a Budget

venice budget

Venice on a Budget | Made up of 118 little islands, intersected by 150 canals, and linked by 400 bridges, Venice easily makes it into Europe’s top 3 tourist destinations – joining Amsterdam and Paris. And that’s the reason why Venice is also one of the most expensive tourist spots. A gondola ride in the

Tourist Top 10 Bucket List 2018

tourist top 10 bucket list son doong cave vietnam

Tourist Top 10 Bucket List 2018 | Our following 10 favorite sights you should better have visited before you die: Angkor Wat, Cambodia No. 1:  Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Angkor Wat (Khmer: អង្គរវត្ត) is a temple complex in the central region of Cambodia – the largest religious monument in the world. It was constructed as

Deadvlei Desert Namibia

Deadvlei Desert Namibia

Deadvlei Desert Namibia | You are neither good at Photoshop nor at Painting, but want to give your friends a really hard fake-or-real-nut to crack? Step 1: Book a ticket to Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport in Namibia. Step 2: Rent a car and drive approx. 6 hours down south. Please don’t forget your camera.

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization?

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization? Japan’s western most island Yonaguni is very small and unspectacular, but popular among divers. The sea off Yonaguni became a preferred diving location during the winter months due to its large population of hammerhead sharks. But there is more. Yonaguni is a smoking gun on the verge of re-writing the history of