Wuppertal suspension monorail

Wuppertal suspension monorail. Kaiserwagen

Ever had Wuppertal on your bucket list? No reason for that, except you are a railways tourist. Only then, Wuppertal offers something very special for you: a suspension railway called “Schwebebahn” …

Overcrowded Tourist Destinations

overcrowded tourist destinations

Overcrowded Tourist Destinations | In December, Disneyland in Los Angeles and Disney World in Orlando temporarily reached maximum capacity …

Deadvlei Desert Namibia

Deadvlei Desert Namibia

Deadvlei Desert Namibia | You are neither good at Photoshop nor at Painting, but want to give your friends a really hard fake-or-real-nut to crack? …

Bhutan – Last Frontier

Bhutan last frontier

Bhutan Last Frontier | For tourists Bhutan is an incredibly expensive, strange and unique marvel. While the rest of the world slowly goes insane, Bhutan still remains 100% organic and 100% grounded …

Narcisse Snake Pits Manitoba

Narcisse Snake Pits Manitoba

Narcisse Snake Pits Manitoba | For sure not everybody’s favorite tourist spot, but a Mekka for reptile lovers: the Narcisse Snake Pits located in the rural north of Narcisse, Manitoba (Canada) claims to have the highest density of snakes worldwide.

Forbidden Gem Sanaa

Getting not easy Sanaa

Getting there is not easy: Forbidden Gem Sanaa | Sana’a in Yemen is one of the oldest populated places on earth. According to legend, it was founded by Shem, the son of Noah. The old fortified city of Sanaa has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years. It contains many intact architectural masterpieces. Efforts are underway to preserve the most ancient buildings, in some cases they are up to 1,400 years old …