Why is Pattaya so popular?

pattaya popular
Pattaya is popular among certain tourists …

Pattaya Popular | Pattaya welcomes more tourists per year than it has inhabitants. Why is this location so popular? This we know so far:  Located 150 km southeast of Bangkok, the coastal tourist destination counts approx. 100,000 souls. Temperatures are constantly in the upper 20s, hitting 30 degrees celsius almost every day. Tourists arrive in mass amounts – by air, rail, bus, rental car or cab. But why?

Predominantly for sex. Pattaya has derived its recent reputation as a tourist hotspot due to many sex industry related facilities. This city offers very little to tourists other than sex. Pattaya’s nightlife has notably influenced the regional evolution in many ways …

pattaya popular Walking Street prostitutes
Pattaya Walking Street prostitutes

Agogo Bars

SweetHearts-A-Gogo, Heaven-Above, Whatsup … Pattaya operates 250+ so-called ‘Agogo bars’, and almost the same amount of massage parlours, saunas, and hourly hotels. Most prominent: Pattaya Walking Street. But other areas around the city catch up. Here is a list of 5 popular Agogo Bars in Pattaya:

1. Sugarbaby Agogo – Pattaya Walking Street
2. Baccara Pattaya – Pattaya Walking Street
3. Happy A Go Go – Soi Happy
4. Airport Club – Pattaya Walking Street
5. Peppermint –Pattaya Walking Street

Prices: generally speaking Pattaya is affordable for low income tourists. That’s why beer might be a good standard to compare: 70 Thai Baht is the current amount to pay for a draft beer at The Windmill. You pay 80 Baht for that same beer in the more modern Sugarbaby. Red Label with ice and soda at Sugarbaby: 150 Baht. Ladydrinks: 150+ Baht in both locations: Sugarbaby and The Windmill. Taking out a bar girl will make you pay a so-called ‘bar fine’ of 1,000 Baht or 1,500 Baht, depending if it’s just for a quickie or for the rest of the night. But that does not include her price! You better negotiate this in advance separately. As an orientation: try to settle between 1,500 and 3,000 Baht for short time sex and expect 2,000 to 5,000 Baht for long time sessions.

Pattaya popular: Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street is the electromagnetic origin, giving the city its strong nightlife pulse. It has the highest amount of prostitutes: 1 per square meter (just kidding). It also offers hundreds of agogo bars. But most go-go bars don’t have special rooms like in the 1990s. To experience all-in-one facilities, go to Soi 6. There every place has rooms upstairs for banging, massage and other exchanges of body fluids. Everything takes place on the premises.


Ladyboys, transvestites, shemales, katoeys – name them whatever. Thailand’s third gender has chosen Pattaya as their capital. Sure you find them in Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, and Chiang Mai, too. But Pattaya is the epicenter for ladyboys. Thai ladyboys are famous for their sexy looks and their potential to offer sexual experiences of a “different” sleazier kind. Because of their sexual condition, ladyboys are ready for sexual experiments that women may dislike. Ladyboys object to anal play and other less ordinary sex practices. Many Pattaya ladyboys have massive silicone tits.

There are two types of ladyboys. 1st: transvestites = physically normally developed men who dress and make up as women. They usually undergo hormone replacement therapies but can’t afford to pay for breast implants or a complete gender changing reassignment. Many transvestites look attractive, but are still 100% men. The 2nd category contains those ladyboys that have undergone plastic surgery. They are in different stages of sex reassignment. Some are truly perfect.

Pattaya popular | katoeys after performing in theatre. Photo licensed under CC | Wikipedia.
Pattaya popular: Katoeys after performing in a theatre. Photo licensed under CC | Wikipedia.

Pattaya Gay Scene

Pattaya has Asia’s largest gay scene. You want to be part of it? Hang around Boyztown, Sunee Plaza, Dongtan gay beach and the Jomtien Complex. The city is famous for its flamboyant kathoey cabaret shows where transsexual and transgender entertainers perform to packed houses. Pattaya’s gay nightlife district, located around Pattayaland Soi 3 in Central Pattaya. The area is made up of a colourful collection of gay bars (many with live shows), gay massage shops, restaurants and gay guesthouses. Being the #1 spot for Asia’s gay scene automatically also means, rip-off is just around the corner. Reviews go from: ‘great looking straight guys to choose from, entertainment was very good’ to ‘boring straight guys pimping for money. Everything too expensive and mediocre’.

Hidden Gem Thailand
Hidden Gem Thailand

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