Getting there is not easy: Pyramids of Meroe Sudan

pyramids meroe sudan
Pyramids Meroe Sudan

Getting there is not easy: Pyramids Meroe Sudan | It’s not so easy simply because Sudan in general is a very dangerous country to go. The U.S. Department of State warns its citizens of continued risks of travel to Sudan. U.S. citizens should avoid all travel to this African country, or at least consider carefully the risks of travel into certain areas of Sudan, due to the continued threat of terrorism, armed conflict, violent crime and kidnapping. It is not as bad as in Somalia, the worst place on earth. But trouble wise you might compare Sudan with Venezuela.

pyramids meroe sudan - an almost abandoned tourist site
Getting there is not easy: Pyramids of Meroe – an almost abandoned forgotten tourist site.

Despite all the threats, why is it still worth going there? The Pyramids of Meroe are UNESCO World Heritage. Egypts ancient glory did reach far more south then you might think. Sudan was part of the ancient empire. Connected with Cairo by the Nile River this desert region once was an important supply partner for the Pharaos up-Nile. Along the banks of the Nile River lies a forgotten collection of 200 ancient pyramids: tombs of the kings and queens of the Meroitic Kingdom. The so-called Meroe pyramids are much smaller than their Egyptian counterparts, with more narrow bases and more steep angles on the sides. Once these pyramids were the main attraction for Sudan’s tourist industry. Unfortunately the region has been devastated by a series of economic sanctions imposed by Western nations, by a cruel civil war and the Darfur conflict.

How to get there: Getting to the Pyramids of Meroe there is actually not a big problem. Khartoum has an international airport. Even cooler: The Chinese are currently building a new one 40 km south of the city centre. From Khartoum it’s a 3.5 hours car ride along the eastern side of the Nile River to the Pyramids of Meroe.

pyramids meroe sudan forgotten tourist destination
Forgotten tourist destination Meroe, Sudan.

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