Sin City Berlin

sin city berlin
Sin city Berlin

Sin City Berlin | From the 1920s to the mid 1930s, the city of Berlin was a melting pot of debauchery and creativity, giving rise to the first institute devoted to the study of sex. In 2005 the Canadian TV channel CBC broadcasted a valuable historic documentary about Germany’s capital as it entered an era of chaos and hedonism.

The country’s bohemian writers like Bertolt Brecht, actors and actresses like H.W.C. Veidt and Marlene Dietrich, architects and political agitators gravitated towards Berlin’s freewheeling culture. Lesbians cultivated their own society as the city encouraged its denizens to play out their every whim. Unfortunately the rest of the nation was not ready for it yet. A Nazi upsurge in the countryside foreshadowed an end to the perpetual party in 1933 … First CBC  Broadcast: Feb 8, 2005.

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Sin City Berlin.

Speaking of Sin City Berlin, we are not done yet. In October 2017 the German pay-TV channel “sky” started airing Babylon Berlin. This crime series is set in the 1920s Berlin. Although its dialogue is completely in German, the series seems to become the biggest hit since Game of Thrones. Right now Babylon Berlin is only available on Sky in Germany, Italy and the U.K. But a swell of international interest has amassed. Netflix secured the series for the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Beta Film has sold the viewing rights to 60 other countries including Spain, France, Denmark, Finland. Check out this trailor ->

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