Sin City Paris

Sin city Paris, Josephine Baker
Sin city Paris in the 1920s, Josephine Baker.

Sin City Paris | In 2005 the Canadian TV channel CBC broadcasted a bunch of valuable historic documentaries about “naughty tourist magnets” of the 1920s. First example: Paris. Parisians ripped off the sufferings of World War I and threw one looong passionate party. Prostitution was legal and the brothel culture was very rich. The disregard of the Parisians in the 1920s for social constraints attracted edgy, artistic bonvivants such as D.H. Lawrence, Salvador Dali, Gertrude Stein or Josephine Baker.

Because of the prohibition of alcohol in the United States combined with a strong US-Dollar, US-American tourists came to Paris like moths to the light. Innovators from art, music and literature congregated there and played out their eccentricities. With a heady mixture of drugs, BDSM clubs and inter-racial sex, Paris became the ultimate hot spot in avant-garde … First CBC Broadcast: Feb 1, 2005

As part of this series, CBC aired two more documentaries worth watching. Therefore we have two more links for you. One is for Shanghai and the other one for Berlin -> Sin City Shanghai | Sin City Berlin.

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