Stud Farm Lipica Slovenia

stud farm lipica slovenia
Obviously pregnant horsies at Lipica Stud Farm in Slovenia. Photo by Chili.

Stud Farm Lipica Slovenia | We visited Lipica on April 10, 2019 – not the best time to tackle the famous stud farm. But at least we nailed the only sunny afternoon in an otherwise rainy week in Slovenia. Just 10 days later – on April 20 – the season started, with Easter performances at the Equestrian Park, pony riding, carriage riding and the first Lipica Show of the year. All that for an entrance fee of 17 Euros per person. We paid the same whooping amount without enjoying any of that fuzz.

But let’s be fair. Even without a fancy Lipica Show, the stud farm was quite impressive. Horsy lovers know, Lipica is the oldest European horse breeding location – dating back to 1580. And it got some Hollywood coverage in 1963 (Miracle of the White Stallions, Walt Disney). It’s all about the white Lipizzan. You can kind of tell by the architecture of the staples that this farm got some serious history. Read more about it here -> History of Lipica Stud Farm.

Just eight stallions from the late 18th/early 19th centuries are listed as the foundation bloodstock of the Lipizzan breed. Any Lipizzan horse traces its bloodline back to these magnificent eight. Therefore all breeding stallions have included in their name the name of the foundation sire/dynasty.

Of course after pushing 17 Euros over the counter, they let you pet some white horses. You paid for it. We did try to engage in some chitchat with a bunch of Lipizzans. Most of the time the conversation was going like this: “Neigh neigh neigh, whinny, snort … BLOW!” One horsy even turned his back towards us and slammed the wooden door really hard with his hoof several times. We soon realized: it was feeding time. And his box was the last one in the queue. Horsy must have been hungry.

Enough said. Let’s get to the snapshots …

Lipica Stud Farm La Tshirp framed by five Lipizzans
Lipica Stud Farm. La Chirp framed by five Lipizzans. Photo by Le Chili.
stud farm lipica slovenia Training a Lipizzan at the Equestrian Park
Training a Lipizzan at the Equestrian Park. Photo by Chili.
stud farm lipica slovenia Find the ugly duckling
Find the ugly duckling. Photo by Chili.
Inside lipica church
Inside the tiny church of Lipica. Photo by Chili.

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Stud Farm Lipica Slovenia. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations | Header image by Chili. More Underrated Tourist Spots here. More about Slovenia -> Piran, Lake Bled, Ljubljana.