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Today we take a look over the fence, checking on what our neighbors are blogging about. Meet The Hallos from Switzerland :) Alexandra and Remo – better known as Herr & Frau Hallo – live in Switzerland and love to go hiking. They own a huge collection of beautiful photos and decided to create a blog to share a little bit of their travel experience and passion for photography with the virtual world. One of their many travel guides is about Säntis, Zürich and Rapperswil …

Switzerland Travel Guide by The Hallos | Last week my family made a pit stop at our place while traveling from France to Italy. Before they arrive in Zürich (Switzerland), we were discussing where to bring them for sight seeing. They stayed for a short time. Only for 5 days before they continue their journey to Italy. My mum was traveling with my sisters and their schedule were quite intense in France and Italy so we decided that they should have a more relaxing time in Switzerland and that it should be less stressful and tiring for my 70 years old mother.

The Hallos
Photos by Herr & Frau Hallo. © 2017 All Rights Reserved.

We live on the eastern upper side of Lake Zürich about 26 kilometers east of Zürich. This travel guide will be more useful if you are traveling or staying around here. While planning this trip for my family, we took account two main criteria; 1: cost, 2: As close as possible to Zürich …

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