Top 10 Cities of the Year

Top 10 Cities Year Prague
Top 10 Cities of the Year: Prague is our number 2. Photo by Chili.

Top 10 Cities of the Year | Here we go again. We reveal this year’s top 10 cities. What ties these ten contenders together: Almost all are pedestrian-friendly. They offer sufficient green space, and tourists have access to a rich history that’s being thoughtfully preserved. Again, nobody was able to push the number 1 from her thrown …

Top 10 Cities of the Year


Top 10 cities year Paris
Paris is actually winning by default. Simply unbeatable for centuries to come. Photo by Chili.

No. 1: Paris. There is literally no competition. Paris wins every year by default. Architects and for some weird reason even politicians did a good job by building and maintaining this masterpiece collection of urban architecture. Paris remains the role model for a concept city.


Top 10 cities year Prague
Prague – the Golden Heart of Europe. Photo by Chili.

No. 2: Prague. The eternal runner-up. Since everything is a bit smaller in scale compared to Paris, Prague regularly looses against the French competition. But Prague is keeping her head up high. This city is a just gorgeous.


Top 10 cities year Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Chili.

No. 3: Amsterdam. Ok, we must admit that’s a bit of a bold move. Ahead of Venice? We think yes. Amsterdam got more channels than its Italian rival, and it is cleaner and more posh. Last not least it got coffee shops. We looove coffee shops :)


Top 10 cities of the year Venice
Venice, Italy. Photo by Chili.

No. 4: Flooded or not: Venice is unique. No other city on earth can claim to be sitting on 100+ small islands connected by 400+ bridges. No doubt a must on everybody’s bucket list. But slightly overpriced for what it offers. Also quite dirty and packed with thieves. Still it is an absolute high priority must on every tourist’s bucket list. There is no way you can skip the city on water.


Top 10 cities year Florence
Michelangelo Hill in Florence, Italy. Photo by Chili.

No. 5: Florence. You will be surprised by the depth of architectonic marbles in this old Italian city. Florence was once the most important trading spot in Europe and birthplace of the Renaissance. Time has been standing still since then with the exception of Fashion. In this regard Florence is very much up to date!


Top 10 cities year Sanaa
Sanaa, Yemen.

No. 6: Sanaa. Too bad that Sanaa is located in a region of unrest. It would be very dangerous for you to go there. But that does not keep us from being fair: Sanaa is a pearl on the Arabian peninsula. Find out more about Sanaa here -> Forbidden Gem Sanaa.


Top 10 cities year Rome
Rome, Italy.

No. 7: Rome. Even with a lot of crime going on, heavily overpriced pizzerias and a decent amount of dirt in the streets of Rome, this ancient capital still ranks no. 7 in our Top 10 Cities of the Year. We just wish the city invests more money into maintaining and rebuilding its tourist sites.


Top 10 cities year Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain.

No. 8: Barcelona. Located on the western shores of the Mediterranian Sea, this center point of Catalonia is just beautiful year in year out. And perfect weather ads on to the plus side as well.

San Francisco

San Francisco
San Francisco. Hills lift the city up into our top 10 list. Photo by Chili.

No. 9: San Francisco. Outside Europe we did not find much to mention. Of course Sanaa in Yemen was in the discussion and made to position 6. San Francisco is the only other spot outside Europe that we found worth listing. Although even San Francisco did follow the cost efficient but ugly trend to build skyscrapers, it still got some beautiful spots left. Plus the hills of San Francisco refine that beauty. Read more about ‘The City’ here -> If you’re going to San Franscisco.


Lisbon. An often overlooked gem in the far south west of Europe.

No. 10: Lisboa. Portugal’s capital is located a bit off Europe’s main roads. But exactly for this reason people appear to be more relaxed, calm and humble. We gave Lisboa the #10 spot in our “Top 10 Cities of the Year” list – ahead of many fierce competitors such as Istanbul, London, Athens, Berlin, Sydney and Vienna.

Top 10 Cities of the Year. By Chili and Tshirp | Hugging horizons since 2004 | more Travel Top Lists here.