Top 10 Islands of the World: Cebu

Top 10 Islands World Cebu, Philippines.
Top 10 Islands of the World: Cebu, Philippines. Photo by Htkava, Wikipedia Commons.

Top 10 Islands of the World: Cebu – paradise on a budget | The most densely populated island in the Philippines, Cebu is famous for its beaches on the mainland as well as across many of the surrounding islands. Not as wild as Phuket in Thailand, not as high-end as Fiji or Seychelles, Cebu is more personal, with plenty of cheap upcoming restaurants. The cost of living is still comparably low – approx. 50% cheaper than living in Paris. This means in order to have the same standard of living you’d get for 5,000 Euros in Cebu City you would have to make 10k Euros in Paris. Cebu City is the most expensive area, so the prices outside are even lower. The climate is tropical. It’s hot and humid year-round. There are only two seasons: wet and dry.

Top 10 Islands World Cebu
Cebu: tropical waterfall
Top 10 Islands World Cebu
Cebu: accomodation can be cheap but still okish

For some reason one water creature draws a lot of attention among Cebu tourists: the whale shark. You can go for a swim with whale sharks! It’s not dangerous. And it’s also not every day that you get to say you’ve swum with huge sharks right beside you. If you want to tackle this once-in-a-lifetime experience, then make sure to check in at Oslob where this recreation is located. It’s just a few hours’ drive south, and there you will get to see and be with one of the world’s gentlest sea giants: the whale shark. In the Philippines, Donsol in the Bicol region has been known to be one of two places to watch migratory whale sharks. Whale sharks in Donsol are called “butanding”. In Oslob – the other place – whale sharks are called “tuki”. The tuki feed off krill and plankton that are abundant in the area all year round.

Top 10 Islands World Cebu
Cebu: whale shark

Island Hopping is very close second to whale sharks. It’s so hard to choose! There are so so many tiny islands with perfect white beaches, you will feel like you were in a movie. There’s no way it could be real. But it is. To get a true taste of island life, head off the grid on the Camotes Islands, two hours east of Cebu. Bring cash because there are no ATMs.

Top 10 Islands World Cebu
Cebu: consider some island hopping :)

If you want to live vicariously through an American who escaped the 9-to-5-and-concrete-jungle-life and moved to Cebu, follow @Ninjarod and his fiance @rajbelandres on Instagram. Most photos in this article were taken by them.

Top 10 Islands World Cebu snorkler
Top 10 Islands World Cebu: turtle and snorkler

Getting to Cebu

Many Asian airlines have direct flights to Mactan Cebu International Airport from neighboring countries like Singapore or Malaysia. The airport is located on a different island and it takes 30 minutes by taxi to get to Cebu City.

Where to stay in Cebu

Cebu is paradise on a budget. If your wallet cannot compete with hyped 5-star-locations such as Seychelles, Maldives or Fiji: come to Cebu. You get the same value for less money. With 154 resorts below 50 Euros per night lists far more accommodation in the lowest price segment than in any other. Examples:

Top 10 Islands World Cebu La-Bella-Beach-House
Cebu: La Bella Beach House
Top 10 Islands World Cebu
Cebu: Granada Beach Resort
Top 10 Islands World Cebu Philippines
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