Top 10 Islands in the World

top 10 islands world cook islands
top 10 islands world cook islands

Top 10 Islands in the World | Tropical islands inspire dreams of paradise; an escape from the urban grid. All we want is a perfect patch of sand where we can relax under palm trees and gaze at a deep blue sea. Therefore names like Hawaii, Zanzibar, Maldives have captured people’s imagination for centuries. But although they have some charm, they are by far not the most beautiful. My personal top 10 islands in the world all have this in common: sublime beaches, stunning topography, exotic culture, yet still close to creature comforts. From the Seychelles to Fiji, you will find your very own Shangri-la in my top 10 list.

1:   St. Lucia, Carribean
2:   Whitsunday Islands, Australia
3:   Tahiti, French Polynesia
4:   Mykonos, Greece
5:   Seychelles, Eastern Africa
6:   Palawan, Philippines
7:   Fiji, French Polynesia
9:   Cebu, Philippines
9:   Bora Bora, French Polynesia
10: Cook Islands, French Polynesia

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