Top 15 Best Tourist Photos

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Egypt
Illegal photo from the top of the Sneferu Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. In case you get caught: you will be going to jail for 3 years. Climbing up the Pyramids of Giza is forbidden. Photo by We-can’t-tell-you.

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos | Amazing, brave, crazy, illegal, cool … these are the top 15 best tourist photos we found in the world wide web.

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Florida
Crocodile gets avoided by fish. Near Cape Canaveral (Florida). Photo by George W. Hatcher.

George W. Hatcher took this photo a stone’s throw away from the launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He was just in the right place at the right time to take this cellphone snapshot. There is no fishing allowed in that area, so fish are abundant. He was watching a school of mullet swim in the Banana River, when an alligator floated through and the fish parted way around him, unimpressed.

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos
Stairway to Heaven? No. Coakers Walk in Kodaikanal, India. Photo by Samarth Mehrotra.

Photo taken by Samarth Mehrotra. It looks as if the potographer was walking in God’s own property above the clouds. Samarth took this snapshot at Coaker’s Walk in Kodaikanal (India), which mimics a pathway to heaven.

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Lioness
Lioness in Okavango Delta, Botswana. Photo by Bryn Forbes.

An epic photo taken by Bryn Forbes. This lioness was returning from across a river in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. She had successfully hunted something, to fetch the rest of her pride. “The lioness walked along the river, stopping to evaluate many crossing points and hissing at the water, until she chose to cross right in front of us. After exploding across the river, she calmly strolled past the photographer. The pride was too sleepy to go at first but they eventually got up to cross the river. At first the kids didn’t go so the mothers crossed, crossed back, crossed again then bluffed and left, came back. We had seen what we thought might be an alligator floating down the river. I’m all for the circle of life and what not but I didn’t want to see these cute lion cubs hurt!”

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Geisha
Geisha in Kyoto. Photo by David K. Smith.

Geisha: Photo taken by David K. Smith – 2016, Kyoto, Japan.

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Iron Man
Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Photo by Aaron Rotschild.

Burning Man Festival in the middle of a desert. Photographer Aaron Rotschild: “Taken around 11pm the night I arrived to pre-camp – had to jump of this tower I was building grab my camera and start shooting. I didn’t have a great tripod, so i couldn’t zoom in anymore, and the moon started getting further and further away as I was trying to stabilize the camera … this was one of the better shots. See more Burning Man pics at

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos South East Asia
Rice paddies in Hani, South West China.

Photograph of the breathtaking Hani Rice Terraces, found in the mountains above Yuanyang, in south-west China. They are often described as the ‘stairway to heaven’ because of the vast layers of land reaching heights of up to 2000 meters above sea level. Yuanyang county lies at an altitude ranging from 140 along the Red River up to nearly 3000 metres above sea level in the Ailao mountains and is about 50km north of the border with Vietnam. During the winter to early spring season the entire field is irrigated with spring water from the forest above to rejuvenate and prepare for the next growing season. There is only one harvest per year for the Yuanyang Rice Terrace and planting occurs from March to November every year.

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos
Tower of Belem (Lisbon, Portugal). Photo by Juliana Rocha.

Juliana Rocha took this photo inside the Tower of Belem (Lisbon, Portugal).

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Veselin Malinov
Close to a huge wave, by Veselin Malinov

Veselin Malinov – probably one of the best photos ever captured.

Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Squirrel Photobomb
Squirrel Photobomb
Top 15 Best Tourist Photos
Rio de Janeiro, Sugarloaf Mountain in a cloud.
Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Spain
Idiot getting injured by a bull in Spain.
Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Cobra
No-Fear-Snapshot with a Cobra
Top 15 Best Tourist Photos Carribean
Maho Beach, very near to the International Airport of St. Martin (St. Maarten) in the Carribbean
Top 15 Best Tourist Photos
Somewhere, by somebody.

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