Top Ten places we want to travel to and why

Here are our Top Ten places we want to travel to and why. We picked five cities and five nature sites. Hope you like our choices :)

(1) Sana’a – because it’s exceptional

Dar al Hajar, residence of Imam Yahya. Credit:
Dar al Hajar, residence of Imam Yahya. Credit: Antti Salonen. wikipedia cc

If located elsewhere, this beauty would go hand in hand with Paris, Venice, Amsterdam and Florence. Unfortunately Sana’a is located in Yemen. I would risk my life traveling there. Old Sana’a is an outstanding example of a 1,000 years old homogeneous architectural ensemble. It reflects the spatial characteristics of early Islam. The city in its landscape has an extraordinary artistic and pictorial quality. Its many-storied century-old buildings represent a perfect response to defensive needs in providing spacious living quarters for the maximum number of residents within defensible city walls. The buildings demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship in the use of local materials and techniques -> Old City of Sana’a

(2) Amsterdam – because it’s hip

Cool Places Amsterdam
Cool Places Amsterdam. Credit: Chili

We’ve been visiting Amsterdam for the first time in 2007, coming back very other year since then. A decade ago I thought it couldn’t possibly happen: Amsterdam can’t live up to that huge hype surrounding the city. I was veeery very wrong. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities on earth, competing for the ultimate top spot. And: Amsterdam is particularly cool for young people. There is so much to discover in this European pearl -> Cool Places in Amsterdam

(3) Paris – because it’s sexy

Erotic Things to do in Paris
Paris is sexy. Credit: Chili

For many tourists, Paris is the most sexy destination. I agree. Famous for being the world’s #1 city of romance, Paris for sure has a naughty side to offer. And we are not talking about cheap brothels.  Paris offers some legitimate erotic experiences with style and taste. What first comes to mind is most likely the French Cabaret at Molin Rouge – inventor of the Can-Can Dance. But there is more: fake sandy beaches at the River Seine in summer, sex supermarkets of another kind, naughty Paris tours for ladies only, love hotels, erotic museums etc. -> Erotic Things to do in Paris

(4) Venice – because it’s bizarre

Venice = water channels instead of streets. Credit: Chili

Water channels instead of streets. Made up of 118 little islands, intersected by 150 canals, and linked by 400 bridges, Venice easily makes it into this wishlist. And that’s the reason why Venice is also one of the most expensive tourist spots on earth. A gondola ride in the “City of Bridges” costs you US$100 per person, a dinner at St. Mark’s Square will be pretty much $100 as well. To avoid a nervous breakdown of your wallet, you might want to check on my recommendations for your Trip to Venice -> Venice on a Budget

(5) Florence – because it got swag

italy florence church
Florence, Santa Croce Church. Credit: Chili

Florence has always been up high on tourists’ bucket lists. According to UNESCO, a third of the world’s art treasures reside in Florence. If that’s not a reason to go there. Florence was once the most important and richest city in the medieval era. In 1339 Florence became the first city in all of Europe with paved streets -> Florence on a Budget

(6) Grand Canyon – because it’s deep

Grand Canyon vistapoint
Grand Canyon vista point at south rim, Arizona. Credit: Chili

The Grand Canyon in Arizona does not need much introduction. Pictures don’t lie. It is a masterpiece of nature. And guess what? You will not be alone. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the world’s premier natural attractions, counting about five million visitors per year.

(7) Great Ocean Road – because it got everything

Australia Great Ocean Road
Australia, Great Ocean Road, London Bridge. Photo by Chili.

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is a scenic highway, located approx. 100 km south-west of Melbourne. You will be captured by stunning sights while driving on this engineering marvel, that had been built between 1919 and 1932. And since this part of Victoria also includes the Otway National Park, it will add extra value to our trip, offering plenty of wildlife-spotting, ferntree gullies, cold rainforests, waterfalls, surfers beaches … you name it -> Australia Great Ocean Road

(8) Son Doong Cave – because it’s huge

Tourist Top 10 Bucket List 2018 Vietnam
Straight from our Tourist Top 10 Bucket List 2018: Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam might not be at the top of your bucket list. Still, Vietnam is home to the biggest cave in the world – Son Doong Cave. This limestone cave is nothing but huge. Large enough to fit a 40-story skyscraper. It was discovered in 1991. Total length: 9 km. Tickets per person: US$3,000 (yes, you did read that right … three thousand) -> Son Doong Cave

(9) Ranthambhore – because it got Tigers

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve India
Sherbagh Ranthambhore tiger reserve India. Oh my God! We looove tigers!

When it comes to the conservation of wildlife, one does not instantly think of India. This country indeed got other problems to resolve. The Indian population is still growing uncontrolled, and clashes between wild elephants or tigers and humans are rising. But there are exceptions. Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve India leads the way in preserving the last remaining wild living tigers -> Ranthambhore

(10) Palawan – because it’s paradise

Top 10 Islands World Palawan Kayangan Lake
Palawan, Kayangan Lake.

Palawan is the Philippine’s answer to paradise – simply stunning and not yet overwhelmed by tourists. Only downturn: the province of Palawan is also known for kidnappings and even terror threats -> Palawan

Top Ten places we want to travel to and why. By Chili and Chirp | © International Destinations | Check out more Travel Top Lists here.