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Top Travel Gear
Top Travel Gear

Top Travel Gear | Some general thoughts. Chili and Churp prefer to conquer even long distance vacations with NO check-in luggage! That’s quite a challenge, but doable. It definitely means: no fancy clothes for fancy occasions, no make-up tool kit, just two pairs of shoes and limited gear. Our preferred way to do it: we start our trip with well worn clothes and replace them with brand new buys while on vacation.

Which travel gear to choose?

Example: When it comes to travel photography, pro level reflex cameras such as Canon EOS and Nikon D are too heavy, too bulky, need at least 2 different lenses, and are too expensive. So that’s a no-go. But with a lightweight mirrorless compact camera we would have a match, as long as it is pro enough to zoom in a butterfly from 100 meters distance. This and other gear related questions we will be answering with our product reviews, emphasizing the following travel items: cameras, headphones, shoes, torches, backpacks, shavers, underwear and a bit of travel related related clutter.

Airlines usually limit carry-on luggage to 8kg. Hikers know from experience: even 8kg can be an uncomfortably heavy load for most of us on day hikes. So let’s settle with 7kg max. as a packing goal. Your backpack itself will be the 1st kg. If you depend on a laptop while on vacation: there goes your 2nd kg. Camera, shaver, smartphone, toiletries, cables, adapters: we are at 3kg, still having 4kg left for shoes and clothes. That’s plenty. 4 pairs of socks, 4 shirts, 4 pieces of underwear, 1 shorts, 1 swimsuit, 1 long trousers … We are good to go.

Top Travel Gear

Backpacks – we don’t mind if they are a bit fancy with solar, USB connectivity and such, but please affordable.

Headphones – with noise cancellation, affordable

Compact Cameras – lightweight, small, kind of towards pro level, affordable

Shavers – affordable, cordless, multi-directional flex heads please!

Hiking Shoes – durable, lightweight

Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches – lightweight, cheap

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