Underrated Tourist Spots Bibury England

Underrated Tourist Spots Bibury England
Underrated Tourist Spots Bibury England.

Underrated Tourist Spots Bibury England | This spot is featured on the inside cover of all United Kingdom passports! Bibury is not just a village in Gloucestershire. It is a nationally notable architectural conservation area of the UK. Located on both banks of the River Coln, the village recently became a major destination for tourists visiting the traditional rural Britain. You find tea houses and many historic buildings of the Cotswold District. Bibury even shows up as one of six places in the country featured in Mini-Europe, Brussels. The most outstanding attraction in Bibury is Arlington Row. The picturesque cottages at Artlington Row were built around about 1380 as a monastic wool store. In the 17th century this was converted into cottages for weavers. Bibury has been used as a film and TV location, e.g. for Stardust and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

underrated tourist spots bibury england
Swan Hotel Bibury

Funny episode: In 2017, BBC reported that an “ugly” yellow Vauxhall Corsa car parked by an elderly man had been vandalized by tourists, who had earlier complained that it spoiled their photographs. Those tourists I tell you …

underrated tourist spots bibury england
Underrated Tourist Spots – Bibury, England

Things to do in Bibury

There is literally nothing going on in Bibury. Take it “on-the-go” – maybe on your way to Bristol. Walk on Arlington Row, visit nearby Bibury Trout Farm, aaand that’s pretty much it :)

Underrated tourist spots Bibury England
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