Underrated Tourist spots – Český Krumlov

Underrated tourist spots Cesky Krumlov
Český Krumlov in late evening hours.

Underrated Tourist spots: Český Krumlov | Welcome to another perfect fairy tale town! Český Krumlov was first mentioned in the year 1240. In the late 15th century gold was found next to the town and German miners flocked in. For centuries the area around the city was part of various German-Austrian territories. But in 1945 – after World War II – Krumlov’s longstanding German-speaking population was expelled and it became part of Czechoslovakia.

Between 1945 and 1990 communists ruled Czechoslovakia, and the town fell into disrepair. Since the abrupt meltdown of communism in Eastern Europe much of the town’s former beauty has been restored. Český Krumlov is now a holiday destination popular with tourists from Germany, Austria and China. The town’s most famous son is Egon Schiele. Krumlov has a museum dedicated to this expressionistic painter.

Underrated tourist spots Cesky Krumlov Castle
Cesky Krumlov Castle

Things to do in Český Krumlov

Castle Museum and Castle Tower | The czech town is good for a 1-day-itinerary. First target should be the Castle Tower. It will be busy up there and space is tight at the top. But it’s worth it. We did skip the Castle Museum. We very often skip museums. In Český Krumlov we made one exception:

Egon Schiele Art Centrum | This venue got our full attention. It turned out to be a large gallery featuring classical and contemporary originals from Egon Schiele of course, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dalí, and even Pablo Picasso. This superb exhibition probably gives you the best inside on Schiele’s life in Český Krumlov.

Historic Old Town | Visiting the Egon Schiele Art Centrum also means: you already made into the the historic city center. This is what you get: narrow, cobblestone streets. Old medieval buildings, the Moldau river, and options to eat Trdelnik – a sweet pastry made out of dough, wrapped around a stick and cooked. If you do your tour in the morning hours you will avoid the day tourists. They only arrive at about lunch time.

Minorite Monastery | Construction of the Minorite Monastery, Český Krumlov’s oldest building, started in the 14th century. The monastery is best visited during one of its memorable religious concerts or recitals. Look out for the Beguine Convent – a set of trusses of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque origin. Address: Latrán No 50.

Cesky Krumlov, old town with Vltava river
Cesky Krumlov, old town with Vltava river (Moldau).
Underrated tourist spots Cesky Krumlov historic town.
Underrated tourist spot Cesky Krumlov, historic town.
Underrated tourist spots Cesky Krumlov map
Český Krumlov map

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