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Underrated Tourist Spot Eze France. View from the Eze Botanical Garden down to the Mediterranean Sea.

Underrated Tourist Spots Eze France | If you’re vacationing in Nice, reserve one day to explore the charming, little medieval town of Eze. A location made for movies. In fact Walt Disney stayed here several times. Archeological evidence proves that he area surrounding Èze was already populated around 2000 BC. Eze was subsequently occupied by Romans, Arabs and by William of Provence. An Egyptian cross inside the church of Èze suggests the village’s ancient roots, when the Phoenicians erected a temple here to honor the goddess Isis. The oldest still existing building in the village is the Chapelle de la Sainte Croix from 1306. Today Èze counts just 3000 inhabitants. It’s a renowned tourist site on the French Riviera, famous for panoramic views of the sea from its hill top and for its Jardin botanique d’Èze.

Underrated tourist spots Eze France
Underrated Tourist Spot Eze: Hill Top Restaurant with an awesome view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Eze shares the same destiny with Venice. Because of significant pressure from tourists, this little village transformed into an open air museum. Only a few residents of local origin still live here. The location became famous for its beauty and charm. Now many tourist traps, art galleries, hotels and restaurants attract large numbers of international travelers – particularly honeymooners.

Underrated tourist spots Eze France
Small alley in Eze.

For those of you depending on public transport: Take bus #84 from Nice to Beaulieu-sur-Mer. This location is also quite nice. You might take a wander before hopping on the next bus. In Beaulie-sur-Mer you walk to the bus stop “Plage-beaulieu” and catch bus #83 to Èze, Village. Choose your bus wisely! Take the one that goes to Èze village and not the one that goes to Èze train station.

Underrated tourist spots Eze France
Eze is located between Nice and Monaco
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