Most useless passport in the world

most useless passport
Most useless passports

Most useless passport in the world | We all know that owning a German or Swedish passport means: the world is your oyster. Germans and Swedish can enter almost any country on earth without a visa. (German passport: 187 countries, Swedish passport: 185). But how is life on the other end of the floor? We are listing the bottom 15 countries right here.

Most Useless Passport Afghanistan
Most Useless Passport: Afghanistan

With these passports you will have an incredibly hard time traveling on:
Afghanistan: Afghanis can only enter 25 countries without visa.
Iraq: 27
Syria: 29
Pakistan: 29
Somalia: 31
Yemen: 33
Libya, Palestine, Sudan: 37
Nepal: 38
North Korea, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Iran, Lebanon: 39
Kosovo: 41

Egyptians at border checkpoint Gaza
Trouble at border checkpoints is nothing new to Afghanis, Somalis, Pakistanis and Syrians …

To get this into perspective here are the 15 most powerful passports are:
Japan, Singapore: 189 countries can be entered without visa.
Germany, Finland, South Korea:
Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg: 186
France, Spain, Sweden: 185
Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland: 184

Where did we get this information from: Henley & Partners Passport Index. This index represents a very sophisticated measure of global access. It  provided us with an in-depth picture of travel freedom by country. The Henley Passport Index is based on IATA data (International Air Transport Association). Check out where your passport is ranking -> Read more …

useless passports United Kingdom

#6 in the H&P Index: United Kingdom with 183 countries that can be entered without visa. Pretty good for a stubborn brexit toddler. Other countries ranked at number 6 are: United States, Norway, Ireland, Greece, Canada and Belgium.

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