Verona not yet crushed by tourists

Verona not yet crushed tourists
Verona not yet crushed by tourists. Credit: Chili

Verona not yet crushed by tourists | With places such as Venice, Florence or Rome being literally overrun by tourists, Italy’s government is currently studying a strategic plan for tourism with the aim of reducing the overcrowding of its most popular places and offering alternative destinations. Because in 2016 things simply went too far.

Verona Ponte Pietra
Ponte Pietra in Verona, Italy. Photo taken by Chili.

In 2016 Italians preferred to stay at home, while the amount of Asians hitting for a place like Venice quadrupled. Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia became unstable, leaving Italy on the receiving end of all those holiday makers. Chili and Churp did hear the call! Here is our contribution to resolve the issue. Avoid Rome, Florence, Venice, but stay in Verona.

Lamberti Tower Verona
Lamberti Tower, Verona. Photo taken by Chili.

The northern Italian city of Verona is located half way between Milan and Venice, just 30 minutes east of Lake Garda. It got an ancient Collisseum-like Arena, although this one is a bit smaller then the bigger sister in Rome. It got traces of Shakespeare, a Madonna statue at Piazza Erbe, the Lamberti Tower and a lovely Ponte Pietra at sunset. If your wallet allows it, spend your vacation in the nearby Locanda San Vigilio Hotel at Lake Garda. Verona will just be a 50-minutes car ride away from there. With only seven rooms and five suites, the atmosphere at the Locanda San Vigilio Hotel is intimate and exclusive.

Locanda San Vigilio Hotel, Lake Garda
Locanda San Vigilio Hotel, Lake Garda. Photo taken by Chili.

Interiors are furnished with the owners’ private collection of antiques, oriental rugs, 16th-century paintings and 18th-century prints. It feels more like being in a private house than a hotel. Most rooms have parquet flooring, wooden beams and crimson rugs, exuding a cosy rustic feel. The Locanda San Vigilio restaurant serves traditional Italian cuisine in a peaceful lakefront setting. There’s also an inviting swimming pool framed by olive trees with lovely lake views. Double rooms start at rooms US$250.

Lake Garda near Locanda Hotel
Lake Garda near Locanda Hotel. Photo taken by Chili.

Tourists willing to devote much time to walks around the city, are recommended to visit Verona during the period from May to June and September to early October. These are the times of year the weather is not too hot. Still long rains can spoil your recreation program at any time.
And since you are there already: don’t forget to visit the ruins of Sirmione on the southern tip of Lake Garda!

Verona's Arena
Verona Arena. Photo taken by Chili.
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