Where to stay in Paris

Ever tried to tackle Paris on a budget? It’s tough! The City of Love doesn’t know cheap. Here are some valuable recommendations to make your stay in Paris bearable moneywise. It all starts with:

Where to stay in Paris

First of all: When it comes to accommodation in Paris, everything is small. If you have been to Manhattan: yes, that kind of small. Prices are generally high and space is limited. Prepare yourself for paying 100+ Euros per night (US$120+). If a property is rated somewhere between 8.0 to 8.9, this is kind of the best review rating you can get in Paris for 100 Euros. Anything rated 9.0+ is so freaking expensive that you will think twice, and go for cheaper options. We give you two …

Option 1:

Hotel Virgina (Porte d’Orleans)

66 rue du Père Corentin, 14th arrondissement, 75014 Paris

Hotel Virgina Paris, 66 rue du Père Corentin.

When hunting for the right hotel in Paris, our approach was driven by the fact that we only needed a good breakfast and shelter in a strategically good location. Hotel Virgina gave us exactly that and a bit of warmth and comfort too.

Hotel Virgina is very near to the Metro Station Porte d’Orleans and to several tram and bus stops. And that’s already the first big plus for the property. It is just a 3-star property. That make live easier for your wallet. The rooms are small but well equipped. The decor is quite nice. Worth mentioning: The hotel still runs an authentic stylish black “art deco” elevator from 1920. The street right in front of the property is not too noisy since it’s not a major artery.

Hotel Virgina Paris | The elevator is a thing of beauty!
Hotel Virgina Paris | The elevator is a thing of beauty!

A word about Porte d’Orleans: It appeared to be a very lively hub. In case you choose to stay around here, you will be offered plenty of eateries, supermarkets, ATMs and restaurants. Hotel Virgina and Porte d’Orleans already got a bit of that Parisienne flair you actually came for.

3 nights in the Hotel Virgina, Paris
Superior Twin Room with two twin beds
That included the French GST/VAT. It did not include an extra $13 city tax.

Option 2:

Motel One (Porte Dorée)

295 Avenue Daumesnil, 12th arrondissement, 75012 Paris

Motel One Paris Porte-Doree
Motel One in Paris Porte-Doree.

The new Motel One in Paris-Porte Dorée just opened in 2018. Similar to our first recommendation, this property is also situated in a strategically good location. It’s a 6-minute walk to the Metro Station ‘Porte Doree’. Looking at the building from the outside you might not expect it: the interior design is quite stylish. Modern of course since this estate is brand new, but stylish. The interior designer got some taste! The rooms are a bit larger than the Parisian average. And you will like the neighborhood. It’s relaxing. Lots of parks nearby. And although the freeway Boulevard Peripherique is nearby, you will be amazed by the silence. Right next to the motel the freeway goes underground. That eliminates a good chunk of noise.

Motel One Paris Porte-Doree
Motel One, Paris Porte-Doree.

3 nights in the Motel One in Paris-Porte Dorée
Kingsize Bedroom
That included the French GST/VAT. It did not include an extra $13 city tax.

Paris on a Budget

PUBLIC TRANSPORT -> Having not to drive into the city center but taking the Metro will save you a lot of money and stress. Ever rolled your car into the Indigo Parking at Champs-Élysées? In summer 2018 we paid 38 Euros in parking fees at the Indigo Parking. Try to skip this. Use public transport, because parking your car in the city will cost you an arm and a leg.

LOUVRE FOR FREE -> Visit the Louvre on the first Sunday of a month. It will be free. But you better line up in front of the Louvre early, because other tourists will have that same idea.

AVOID THE HIGH SEASON -> Visit Paris before May 1 and after September 15. Aprils are definitely nice enough. And the second half of September can still be quite warm. You will avoid those mega crowds, the weather will be not as hot, and last not least: prices are not surging.

PARIS PASS -> If you are into visiting museums and such, consider the Paris Pass an option. You might have planned it any: Using the Hop-on, Hop-off busses, visiting the Louvre, Boat tour on the river Seine, visiting Versailles. Combined you’ll pay 78 Euros per person. With the Paris Pass it comes down to 38 Euros per person (18 Euros for children). Tempting.

FREE PARIS SITES -> Some of the city’s most impressive sites are accessible for free. That includes Notre Dame Cathedral (ok ok, it burned down. But it will reopen in 2025), Sacre Coeur, the banks of the Seine, even the Eiffel Tower site can be visited free of charge if you don’t plan to go up.

RITZ OR ANGELINA -> Yes, you can take in opulent settings without spending a fortune. Book your tea time at the famous Cafe Angelina – a legendary 1903 tea room offering refined pastries and hot chocolate in a belle epoque–style setting. Address: 226 Rue de Rivoli. Or try the same at the Ritz Hotel. Address: 15 Place Vendôme. This will set you back a few Euros, but in exchange, you can soak up a little luxury with little damage to your budget.

Book a hotel here.
Paris | Book a hotel here.

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