Where to stay in Tokyo

9h is a 1.5 star hotel in central Tokyo
9h is a 1.5 star hotel in central Tokyo. Your shelter will be a box.

Where to stay in Tokyo? Let’s try one of those weird capsule hotels! We did it. Here is our feedback.

Living in a Box –
the “nine hours Shinjuku-North”

Sci-fi fans might like that. The Nine Hours Shinjuku North Hotel (9h) in the heart of Tokyo will be your time travel ramp into the future – when space is so precious that you literally accept any shelter as long as you can at least stretch our legs. For doing just that, 9h offers you a capsule or pod or box, you name it. The 9h Hotel has been welcoming guests since January 2017. It is rated 8.7 at Booking.com. That’s kind of okish.


The 1.5 star hotel is definitely clean, got super friendly staff and is located in a strategically excellent spot.


Your shelter will be the size of a queen size bed. A standard queen-size bed measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long (180cm x 200cm). You can sit in your pod, but you cannot stand up. Other then that, the mandatory daily check-out at 10am was bit weird. Only by 1pm we were allowed to check back in. At least they allowed us to leave our luggage in the lockers during that time. Also keep in mind: This hotel separates genders, and you will hear your neighbor snoring thru the plastic wall.

9h Hotel in Tokyo Shinjuku
Where to stay in Tokyo? 9h Hotel in Tokyo Shinjuku! Japan’s futuristic answer to western-style youth hostels.

Of course, all capsules are air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. Bathroom facilities (including showers and high tech toilets) are shared. Since there is no space for your luggage inside your capsule, lockers are available for stuffing your stuff somewhere else.

According to internet burps, this property is “one of the top-rated locations in Tokyo” and “guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area” and “couples in particular like the location”. Still we doubt it. Mentally and physically healthy couples for sure do not like to sleep separated while on vacation. And if such kind of shelter is top-rated, then we feel sorry for Tokyo.

But let’s talk about the location. 9h indeed sits on a convenient spot. Shinjuku Subway Station is kind of in walking distance (15 minutes or 3 minutes by tram). Also the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a popular park in Tokyo, can be reached on foot within 25 minutes. Tokyo Dome is approximately 25 minutes away via train. Shopping and local food? Yessir! There are many dining options very near to the property. Guests can reach a convenience store and grocery store via a 3-minute walk.

To sum it up: It was an interesting experience. For living in a box, the comfort was ok! We stayed two nights. The sci-fi vibes everywhere (graphics and interior design) were pretty amazing.

9h Hotel Bathroom. Strictly separated between male and female.
9h Hotel Bathroom. Strictly separated between male and female.
9h hotel lounge
9h hotel lounge
Shinjoku Station in walking distance.
The area around the Nine Hours Shinjuki Hotel is very lively and busy in the best possible way. Shinjoku Station is in walking distance.

Where to stay in Tokyo. By Chili & Chirp | Apart from Tokyo, you might want to visit other weird places -> Salton Sea | Lake Natron | Iceland.